• Locker Requests

    Students are not automatically assigned lockers at Holly Springs High School.  While we have more lockers than students, we have traditionally been able to meet all requests.  Locker requests are processed in the order they are received.  Please email Ms. Cheri Lee (clee3@wcpss.net) if you would like a locker.
    A few things to consider:
    • Wait until you know your schedule so that you know which hallway will serve you best.
    • Provided there is space, students can request a different locker location in the spring.
    • Requests received prior to the start of school will be processed and information given to the student during the first few days of school by Ms. Lee.
    • Requests received after the start of the school year should be addressed within one week of submission. If you do not receive a response with your locker information, please stop by the front office.
    Please have your child stop by the front office with any questions.