• Bullying Prevention at Holly Springs High


    Our Goal

    Holly Springs High is committed to supporting all students feeling happy, healthy, and safe while at school. This means creating and maintaining an environment where all students are:
    • Neither experiencing or anticipating physical or verbal abuse
    • Supported by a peer group that encourages them to make positive choices
    • Able to engage in the learning and growth opportunities around them.

    Resources to Support Students

    There are many resources around to support students who are experiencing bullying or harassment.  Resources that students or parents can access include:
    • Your counselor to seek guidance on how to address an issue.  You can access your counselor by email or by visiting the Student Services Office and requesting an appointment.
    • Your administrator to report an issue to seek appropriate intervention.  You can access your administrator by email or by visiting the Front Office and asking to talk to your administrator.
    • Your School Resource Officers (SROs).  The Holly Springs Police Department provides two SROs to our school.  Their offices are off the front commons and on the 3rd floor.  You can also visit the front office and ask Ms. Mattox to talk with them.
    • Report an issue anonymous via our school website.
    • Report an issue via the WCPSS Bullying Prevention Hotline at (919) 856-1911.

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