Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention 101

  • You can sit with us. 1 out of 10 students dropout of high school because of repeated bullying and approximately 160,000 teens skip school a day because of bullying (www.dosomething.org) Trojans, that's not okay! And, it shouldn't be okay with you whether you're being bullied or know someone else who is.

    GMHS has a zero tolerance anti-bullying policy. If you see something, say something! See a teacher, counselor, or an administrator for help if you or someone you know is being bullied. GMHS staff is trained to handle these issues in an anonymous way.

    Explore the following bullying prevention resources to learn more:

    • WCPSS Harassment and Bullying pages to understand how GMHS staff intervene to address bullying. 
    • Bullying Prevention Tips about warning signs, being bullied, being a bystander, monitoring, and reporting.
    • Bullying Defined to fully understand who is effected by bullying and how.
    • Bullying Myths and Facts to learn the truth about what is considered bullying.
    • StopBullying.gov to get help or take a stand now!
    Come Together...Right Now!
    Anti-Bullying Poster Contest Entry by a very talented and supportive Trojan!

Real Trojans Making a Difference

  • "I AM" video created by our courageous Trojans!

    An all inclusive Trojan community led by the GMHS Mens Basketball Team's example--Garner athletes take on adaptive PE class in "March Madness." Read more here.

    Trojan Sophomore, Johnson Hansen, for the 2nd consecutive year has won the WCPSS Bullying Prevention Video Contest! Johnson will be honored at a school board meeting and his video will be placed on K-12 School Counseling blackboard and the WCPSS Intranet! Way to take a stand, Johnson!

    Anti-bullying week--each year our counselors, students, and staff join together to address and prevent bullying. Students and staff wore orange last October to take a national stand against bullying!

    Trojans making a difference  

  • These pages were created by: Stephanie B. Leibowitz, MS, NCC, NBCT (High School Counselor) in partial fulfillment for the requirements of Doctoral Studies, North Carolina State University