Mission, Vision and Values

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    Our Vision: 
    East Millbrook Academy of the Visual and Performing Arts encourages each individual student to work in a creative, cooperative and collaborative manner while promoting critical thinking through arts integration. 
    Our mission is to foster an international, artistic community of learners. Our dual magnet themes share a number of common threads, most importantly a focus upon discovering and nurturing individual learning styles. An intense focus upon recognition and cultivation of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences allows students discover which learning strategies work best for them, which in the MYP is called Approaches to Learning. The arts play an important role as they allow students avenues to learning beyond the traditional mathematic and linguistic intelligences. With this self-knowledge, students explore their place in an increasingly global environment through the use of essential questions to guide instruction and learning. With strong PTSA and community support, this attention to inquiry puts the responsibility on the student to ask and answer the most crucial questions in each of the eight core subjects.
    At East Millbrook we value:
    • Individual learning styles
    • Health and wellness
    • Life-long learners
    • Character
    • Increasing student achievement
    • Exploration and discovery
    • Technology applications
    • Intellectual pursuit
    • Commitment to improvement
    • Teacher expertise
    • Celebration of achievement
    • Community involvement and service
    • Diversity
    • Artistic expression
    • International/global perspective

New Magnet Theme

Starting in the 2016-17 school year, our school will be known as the East Millbrook Academy of the Visual and Performing Arts.