Elective Options

  • Elective course offerings include:
    • Multiple visual arts disciplines (pottery, sculpture, painting, printmaking)
    • Band, Orchestra & Chorus
    • Piano
    • Theatre (performance and technical theatre)
    • Science Olympiad, Odyssey of the Mind & Scholastic Pursuit
    • Geology, Botany, Ecology & Animal Studies
    • Algebra, Physics & Aeronautics
    • Creative Writing
    • Spanish & Sign Language
    • Philosophy
    • Poetry, Short Stories & Fantasy Literature
    • Public Speaking & Debate
    • Video and Print Journalism

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Elective Registration

  • Students register for electives at the start of the first semester in August and again at the start of the second semester in January. Elective course registration forms will be sent home in student communication folders prior to each registration. Current elective guides can be found below, or you may call the school to request a printed copy.



2018 Spring Elective Description Guide

Applying to a Magnet School

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