Grade Level Supply Lists

  • Supply lists are generally updated yearly. Supply requirements are changing for students in Plan B and Virtual Academy students.
    As soon as the new Return to School Plan B supply lists are available, they will be posted below.

    ** If you are interested in purchasing a Chromebook for your student to use at home, this is the current minimum recommended specifications: 32GB, SSD drive, 4GB Ram (minimum), 11" Touchscreen. Several manufacturers make Chromebooks with those specs at a reasonable cost.   You can use this information as a guide for the minimum requirements for any device you might choose to purchase.  iPads are not recommended at this time.


    Your classroom teachers are always in need for additional supplies. These needs are generally published in weekly newsletters. 

    The Online School Payment link will help you pay for any class subscription items online. At this time, we do not have any subscription fees.  If that changes, this link will become active for you to use.