• Career and Technology Education

    Career Development


    Career Development Overview

    Our Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is designed to assist students in making knowledgeable career choices that will prepare them to be globally competitive in the workforce, prepare students for employment opportunities, and advance education. CTE promotes best practices that enhance teachers' efforts to improve student achievement and encourage responsible career choices. We want to meet students' needs, cultivate their abilities, and help them realize their aspirations. 

    My name is Jenifer Tharrington. I have a blended role at Davis Drive Middle as a Career Development Coordinator and Intervention Teacher. I will be working to support students at DDMS with their career readiness and understanding of the world of work.

    I am excited to engage our students in the development of their personal, social, academic, and career growth. I will be coordinating with teachers to visit classrooms to share information using tools such as Major Clarity and NC Careers. These tools help students process information about their personality and interests and compare it against research-based data to begin guiding them with decisions regarding their future. We will also be offering some opportunities for students to hear from guest speakers this year from individuals in a variety of careers.


    What is School to Career?

    School-to-Career (STC) is an initiative and a philosophy. It is a way of delivering curriculum to our students that links classroom knowledge to real life.  Students learn better when information is made relevant, and STC ensures that relevancy occurs by linking schoolwork to workplace realities. School-to-Career links the world of school to the world of work by supporting school-based activities such as classroom speakers, mentors, soft-skills presentations, and real-world activities and by infusing these into the Common Core through collaboration between members of the business community and classroom teachers.


    What is the Career Development Coordinator?

    The Career Development Coordinator is responsible for:

    • Providing career development services for all students
    • Facilitating a network of parents, business professionals, college/university educators, and community organizations
    • Supporting students’ transition to high school 


    What does the Career Development Coordinator do for students?

    The Career Development Coordinator provides several career-related experiences for students, including:

    • Guest Speakers: Providing students the opportunity to hear from an individual in a specific field (their career of interest) and discuss the aspects of their work.
    • Field Trips: Exposing students to the real world of work, reinforcing what is being taught in their classroom.
    • Interest Inventories: Assessing students on what careers best fit them, as well as providing opportunities to learn about careers unfamiliar to them
    • Career Fairs/Days: Introducing students to a wide variety of real-world professions and professionals.