Kindergarten Readiness

  • Starting kindergarten is a milestone children and their families look forward to with great excitement and anticipation. Getting "ready" for kindergarten can mean many things for a rising kindergartener - from getting a new book bag and fun school supplies to learning new skills such as tying one's shoes! Project Enlightenment offers many resources for families and young children that are getting ready to make the exciting transition to kindergarten. 

    • Off to a Good Start in Kindergarten —  provides a list of activities and ideas to help prepare your child for kindergarten
    • Developmental Expectations — provides a list of typical expectations and skills your child will need to enter kindergarten
    • Easing the Transition — provides ideas and information about how to make the transition into kindergarten easier for you and your child
    • Kindergarten Registration - provides information about registering for kindergarten in the Wake County Public School System