Final Exam Information

    Spring 2021-2022 Final Exam Schedule

    Monday, 6/6/22 

         7:20-10:10 Most Period 1 CTE/Teacher Made Exams     

         10:10-10:25 Break 

         10:25-1:00 Most Period 3 CTE/Teacher Made Exams 

         1:00-1:15 Bagged Lunches 

         1:15-2:13 Study Hall in Cafeteria 


    Tuesday, 6/7/22 

         7:20-10:10 Most Period 2 CTE/Teacher Made Exams 

         10:10-10:25 Break 

         10:25-1:00 Most Period 4 CTE/Teacher Made Exams 

         1:00-1:15 Bagged Lunches 

         1:15-2:13 Study Hall in Cafeteria 


    Wednesday, 6/8/22 

         7:20-11:15 Most English II and Math 1 EOCs 

         11:15-11:30 Bagged Lunches 

         11:30-2:13 Study Hall in Cafeteria 


    Thursday, 6/9/22 

         7:20-11:15 Most Biology and Math 3 EOCs 

         11:15-11:30 Bagged Lunches 

         11:30-2:13 Study Hall in Cafeteria 


    Friday, 6/10/22 

         Assorted Scheduled Exams and Makeups 



    • Classroom teachers will tell students when/where exams will be 
    • Actual dismissal time each day will depend on the time the last       exam session concludes which may vary from the scheduled time. 


    Per State Legislation--Final exams MUST be the last five school days of the semester.   For the 2021-2022 school year, final exams will be January 10-14 (Fall Semester) and June 6-10 (Spring Semester)Students should plan on having exams on any/all of those dates.  Please plan appointments accordingly.  No Educational Leave requests will be approved for exam dates.