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Eagle News for 3/3/24

Upcoming Dates



  • 5th - Banked Day: No School for Students
  • 6th-  Registration Information Presentations in Eagle Time
  • 11th - Teacher Workday: No School
  • 25th - 29th - Spring Break


Registration Information


This week, counselors will meet with 6th and 7th grade Eagle Time classes to share registration information and to preview elective choices so students can begin to plan their selections. Eighth graders will register for 9th grade classes this week. See details in the 8th grade newsletter.


Highlights from the PTA


Do you or your student enjoy baking? Then we could use your culinary talents to provide our teachers with treats for their training session on Wednesday, March 6th! You can whip up some goodies on Tuesday during our day off and send them to school with your student Wednesday morning! Please sign up here!

Read the full Week at the Creek here.


Bus Rider Reminders


In an effort to create a safe environment for both students and our bus drivers, we kindly ask that you review the WCPSS Bus Code of Conduct with your student(s) as well as these important reminders about bus behavior:

  1. Show respect for the driver at all times.
  2. Enter and leave the bus without pushing or crowding.
  3. Be seated in your assigned seat at all times while the bus is in motion.
  4. Talk using a quiet tone of voice and without profane or abusive language.
  5. Keep the bus clean and avoid littering.
  6. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  7. Refrain from horse playing or aggressive behaviors on the bus.

Additionally, WCPSS has asked us to take the following steps when students engage in unsafe or disruptive behavior on the bus:



Middle School 

1st referral

Action by school admin

2nd referral

0-5 day bus suspension

3rd referral

1-10 day bus suspension

4th referral

1-15 day bus suspension

5th referral

Susp remainder of year

Major offense

Immediate suspension (term decided by Principal)


It is important that we work together, as a team, to make sure we are supporting our bus drivers so that every student has a safe ride home. Please do not hesitate to reach out to WCPSS Transportation by filling out this form if you have any questions or concerns about the WCPSS Bus Rider Code of Conduct or anything else related to WCPSS Transportation.



The countdown is on until we sell out… we have sold 78% of our available yearbooks!  

Once we sell out, there will be NO more books available for purchase… the plant WILL NOT print extra orders!!


Make sure to reserve your copy today by going to to order! 

**If you’re unsure of whether you’ve already ordered a book, feel free to email Ms. Michael ( with your child’s name and grade, and she can check for you!

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