Reedy Creek

    Why Choose a Magnet School?

    Education Quality
    Wake County Magnet Schools offer an exceptional education. In 2016, 27 Wake County Magnet Schools won national awards, and the North Carolina Board of Education honored a Wake County elementary school as one of the state’s top STEM schools. Parents also choose magnet schools for their smaller class sizes and excellent teachers and principals.

    School Assignment Stability
    Those who apply and enter magnet schools in Wake County will never face reassignment as some traditional public school students might. This means magnet schools provide stability in a child’s school path from elementary to high school.

    Magnet schools use themes, or innovative focuses, to provide electives and interesting curricula that goes well beyond what is offered at traditional schools. In order to push students to become leaders for change, Wake County Magnet Schools implement hands-on learning and foster creative environments that allow students to become independent and curious. Wake County offers a variety of themes across elementary, middle, and high school levels, allowing students to apply to programs that fit their interests. Language immersion, Gifted and Talented, and International Baccalaureate programs can span a child’s education. Other themes include Engineering, Global Studies, Digital Sciences, and Leadership and Technology.

    Students at Wake County Magnet Schools reap the benefits of partnerships with outside programs. Partnerships with early colleges, Wake Tech, state government, and North Carolina hospitals spark students’ interest in higher education and provide college-level experience before graduating high school. Wake County Magnet Schools have also been selected by the Lenovo Scholar Network to create mobile apps for a national competition and awarded grants like the Burroughs Wellcome Fund for STEM Learning.

    Wake County Magnet Schools give students from all over the county the opportunity to come together for a new experience. By enrolling students from neighborhoods of different racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, magnet schools create a diverse student body. This allows students to explore beyond their own neighborhood and socialize with others who bring new experiences and perspectives.