• RCMMS—Soaring in the World of Digital Learning

    View tour dates and sign up for a tour! Reedy Creek Center for the Digital Sciences is the only Digital Sciences middle school in the country. At Reedy Creek we prepare our students for the digital future they’ll be living in by teaching them to be problem solvers who think critically and creatively, and who use technology as a tool for collaboration and innovation.

  • What is Digital Sciences?

    Digital Sciences teaches an approach to learning called Computational Thinking. Computational Thinking involves collecting data, breaking it down, analyzing it, looking for patterns, and finding creative and innovative steps to solve problems. This thinking approach serves children in all subject areas and in their lives, even beyond academics. (Learn more about Computational Thinking!)

    Part of our underlying philosophy is a belief in Growth Mindset. This is the belief that students can continue to learn, grow, and improve through effort and perseverance. The Growth Mindset philosophy guides everything we do and will teach students a positive approach to learning.

    Another benefit of Reedy Creek is that our location near Research Triangle Park has allowed us to form relationships with leading technology companies. This allows us to take field trips to local companies and to bring corporate representatives in to speak with our students.

    Reedy Creek Center for the Digital Sciences students will:

    • Be prepared for their futures in a digital world.
    • Become responsible digital citizens.
    • Work collaboratively and creatively with others to solve problems.
    • Learn and practice computational thinking as a problem-solving process embedded into all curricula.
    • Have the opportunity to work with, learn from, and interact with technology companies in our area.

     Contact our Magnet Coordinator, Christine Sachs, at csachs@wcpss.net or at 919-460-3504 ext. 21508

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