• Digital Sciences Electives

    Magnet Robotics:
    Design, build & create through cutting-edge technology and materials. You will collaborate with team members to create robots that you program. Think critically and communicate your design; solve problems and analyze for improvement. Engage in the dynamic world of robot creation & programming.

    Magnet Bits & Bytes:  If you’ve ever wondered how a computer “thinks” then Bits & Bytes is the course for you. Through hands-on, on-your-feet kinesthetic activities and investigations, students will learn the foundations of computer science and computational thinking, including non-linear problem solving, algorithms, artificial intelligence, image types, how humans interface with computers, and more. This course will incorporate cooperative groupwork and project-based learning to enhance the learning experience.

    Exploring Computer Science:  Experience hardware, software, Web development, programming, & data analysis. Project-based activities and assessments, collaborative learning & presentation opportunities.

Magnet Robotics
Bits & Bytes