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Meningitis Vaccination Requirements

Click HERE to see the flyer from Wake County Health Services
The NC Department of Health & Human Services has granted a delay in the requirement to provide immunizations that was initially set for the first day of school. The requirement to submit a certificate of immunization will be reinstated on November 1, 2021 with a grace period until November 30, 2021 or 30 calendar days from the child’s first day of attendance, whichever is later. If your student is a senior who has had their required meningitis vaccine for graduation, but you have not given a copy of the immunization record to Millbrook, please email to Saran Deans at You should not have to pay to send your child's immunization records. Please have your doctor's office print off a copy of your student current vaccine record and send it to Millbrook High. If you do not have the immunization for your child yet, please provide to Millbrook the following item by October 8th, as required by the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services:
Proof of Appointment
Children currently excluded due to the above requirements should be allowed to return to school, pending fulfillment of these requirements or submission of proof of an upcoming appointment by October 8, 2021, as set out in this memo. The following shall constitute proof of appointment:
• A written statement from a parent or guardian indicating the date and time of the appointment(s) to
fulfill outstanding requirements; or
• A written letter or other documentation from a healthcare provider indicating the date and time of
the appointment(s) to fulfill outstanding requirements.