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More info on asynchronous days


For the remainder of the first quarter, Millbrook will be exercising the school-based option of providing up to one asynchronous instructional day per week.  Our remaining asynchronous days this quarter are:

  • 10/7/20
  • 10/14/20
  • 10/21/20
  • 10/28/2020

Starting at the beginning of the second quarter, the district has set which Wednesdays will be asynchronous.  As per WCPSS, these dates are only included during weeks where all calendars have five full days of live learning.  This means that if the traditional, modified, or year-long calendars include a remote learning day or a teacher workday, we will not have an asynchronous Wednesday.  The asynchronous days for the second quarter are:

  • 11/18/20
  • 12/2/20
  • 12/16/20
  • 1/6/21
  • 1/13/21

Since these are all instructional days, students will be assigned asynchronous learning tasks and will be required to sign-in to each of their classes and complete the day’s work for attendance. A calendar with these dates can be found HERE


In addition to these asynchronous days, the calendar also includes “remote learning” days (RL) which were required by the state to be included in the WCPSS calendar. Asynchronous days will not be scheduled in any weeks where there is a prior RL day.


Teachers will coordinate with students what they should expect to accomplish on an asynchronous/RL day. This may include any number of options. Some teachers will have students work on new content, others may have students complete group or individual projects, and others may offer individual tutoring sessions throughout the day. In all cases, teachers will share the work students should plan on completing during their asynchronous days.