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The Sunday Message: Week of May 23rd

Baucom Parents & Guardians,

This is Mrs. Huffman with the Sunday Kickoff Message for the week of May 23rd.

PTA Meeting & Information about Moving to “Swing Space” at Woods Creek Elementary

We have found a wonderful, willing soul to be our Baucom PTA President next year! We invite all parents to join us for a brief PTA meeting on May 31st so that we may vote in our President-elect, Erin Mc Lean Mirc.  There will also be a vote to keep our current PTA president, Christina Owen, as a 2nd Vice President.  We must have a quorum of 20 people to vote.  


Our other officers (who were approved last meeting) for 2022-2023 will be: 

Vice President:  Soo Kim

Secretary:  Jaime Dixon

Treasurer:  Mark Fussell


The meeting is May 31st at 6 pm at this link:

(There is no in person option for this meeting.)


Following the official voting portion of the PTA meeting, I will invite those parents who are interested to stay in the meeting to discuss the mid-year move we have coming next school year. I will share all details I have related to our move to the Woods Creek campus, which will occur mid-year next school year. 



Field Day (Version 2.0)

We are going to try again for Field Day, this Friday, May 23rd. The weather forecast is cooler than this past Friday was, but we are hoping to avoid storms. We will be flexible and make this a safe and fun event for all! 


There are many details and reminders related to field day in the emailed version of this message. Just like last week, we share some of the basics, including bringing a change of clothes, applying sunscreen, and enjoying the water stations for hydration, not for pouring water on others. We want to extend a special thank you to the Moyer family for helping with the logistics of field day and for obtaining ice pops for all of the children! Also, thanks to our whole Aviator community for being flexible as we prioritize the safety of students, staff, and volunteers. 


Field Day Schedule:


Session 1- Grades 3 and 5 Walk out to field at 9:15-9:20


Session 2- Grades 1 and 2 Walk out to field at 11:15-11:20


Session 3- Grades K/4/ECS Walk out to field at 1:20-1:25


  • Specials-  There will be no Specials on Friday.
  • Clothing- Bring a change of clothes and a towel. No white t-shirts as we will be getting wet.  Also, wear sneakers/tennis shoes.  No flip flops, crocks, etc.
  • Sunscreen- Please apply sunscreen at home before school. 
  • Water Drinking centers-  We will get wet at other centers....but the drinking centers are for drinking and staying hydrated.  Please remind- For safety, limited supplies,  and the sanity of our parent helpers - no dumping water on others 😉


We’re #ClearedForTakeoff.

Previews & Reviews

End Of Grade Testing

All third through fifth grade students will participate in End of Grade Testing this school year. 

3rd grade students are required to take End of Grade (EOG) test on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, June 1st: ELA EOG
  • Tuesday, June 7th: Math EOG


4th grade students are required to take End of Grade (EOG) test on the following dates:

  • Thursday, June 2nd: ELA EOG
  • Friday, June 3rd: Math EOG


5th grade students are required to take End of Grade (EOG) test on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, June 1st: ELA EOG
  • Thursday, June 2nd: Math EOG
  • Friday, June 3rd: Science EOG

 Library Books 

Mrs. O’Mara will be posting the number of books checked out in each class at the end of each day starting on Monday, May 23rd. The first class in each grade level to have a clean slate by returning, paying for, or replacing their books will earn a reward!


Next School Year

  1. If you are NOT returning to a Wake County School next year, please contact our data manager, Beverly Robinson. This information is essential for us to have as soon as possible. It impacts our work building class rosters, purchasing materials, and planning for the appropriate allocation of teachers in grade levels and even positions in our school. 
  2. Similarly, if you know a neighbor, friend, or family member needing to enroll in kindergarten for next school year, PLEASE let them know they can connect with our data manager, Beverly Robinson, here at Baucom anytime. It helps us tremendously to gain kindergarten registration sooner rather than later. For instance, the district considers the registration numbers when allotting us teacher positions for the following year. The link to the WCPSS Kindergarten Registration website is included in the emailed version of this message for your convenience.


Important Dates

Friday, May 27thField Day 2022 – during school hours 

Monday, May 30th – NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day Holiday

Wednesday, June 1st3rd and 5th Grade English Language Arts (ELA) End-of-Grade (EOG) State Exam

Thursday, June 2nd – 4th Grade ELA and 5th Grade Math EOGs

Friday, June 3rd – 4th Grade Math and 5th Grade Science EOGs

Week of June 6thEOG Makeups

Tuesday, June 7th – 3rd Grade Math EOG

Friday, June 10th – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 2022

Friday, June 10th – Gilbert/Minnick Team Moving Up Ceremony – 9:30am – Cafetorium

Friday, June 10th – Byrne/Stack Team Moving Up Ceremony – 11:00am – Cafetorium