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Grade 4 Student Supply List 2022-2023

This year there will be no sharing of school supplies. When your child brings their supplies to school, please be sure they are labeled with your child’s first and last name. 

-1 one-inch binder, with pockets 
    (Please label:  Math) 
-5 one subject, spiral notebooks (different solid colors, no designs) 
    (Please label:  Math, EL, Science, Social Studies, and one not labeled)
-5 plastic, 2 pocket folders (no designs) 
    (Please label: EL, Science, Social Studies, Homework, Math, and one not labeled)
-1 pair of earbuds (optional) 
-1 black Sharpie
-2 Expo dry erase markers
-1 plastic protractor 
-1 box of 12 count standard #2 sharpened yellow pencils 
-1 pack of 3x3 Post-It/Sticky Notes 
-1 pair of children’s scissors
-2 glue sticks
-1 box of 24 count crayons or colored pencils (no markers or Sharpies) 
-1 large pencil pouch or pencil box 
-3 ink pens (must be red, blue, and black, only 3 pens needed) 
-3 different colored highlighters


Pencil Pouch/Box Items  (place the following supplies in the pencil pouch/box):
-ear buds                
-black Sharpie            
-Expo markers            
-sticky notes
-black, blue, and red pens
-crayons or colored pencils
-glue sticks