Best Practices for Digital Learning for Students

  • Before Class

    image of a mute button in a circle image of a pair of headphones in a circle image of a composition notebook with a pencil writing image of an apple in a circle image of a camera surrounded by a circle

    Quiet space: Find a place where there is not much noise.

    Headphones: If headphones are available, plug them in so your teacher and classmates hear you.

    Materials: Have your supplies, like paper and a pencil, ready to go.

    Take Care of Business: Get a snack, a drink and use the bathroom. Join the class a few minutes before it starts.

    Camera: If you'd like, turn on your camera to connect with others in your class. Remember - you can always turn your camera off.


    During Class

    mute mic image surrounded by a circle image of two chat bubbles within a circle an image of a heart cradled between two hands surrounded by a circle

    Talking: Put your microphone on mute when you are not talking.

    Chat: Your teacher might want you to use the chat box to type questions instead of saying them out loud.

    Kind words: Be kind online – your words and action matter.


    After Class

    image of an envelope and a handheld phone receiver image of the share icon surrounded by a circle image of unplugging an outlet surrounded by a circle

    Ask for help: If you are stuck or confused, ask a classmate or teacher for help using phone, email, or post in your virtual classroom.

    Share: Share what you are learning or working on with a family member.

    Unplug: Spend time each day not looking at a screen! Read a book, play outside, call a friend, play a game, draw, or get creative!