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Message to VMCCA Seniors--March 20, 2020

March 20, 2020


Dear VMCCA Seniors Class of 2020, 


As we work to address some unique challenges this spring, our thoughts continuously come back to you as a group.  Each of you to some degree represents the collective PreK-12 work of our school district. You represent not only your schools, but also the hopes that your family and caregivers, teachers, and other school staff have for you and your future.  Similarly, we know that the senior year is a time of great tradition and activities that you look forward to including prom, graduation, senior awards, and more. Because we greatly value both you and this senior experience, we must acknowledge that words fail to adequately capture the emotional stress and uncertainty that we know you are experiencing at this time.  


Our hope is that this letter will provide you with greater clarity about what the road ahead looks like for you as a senior class of the Wake County Public School System.  First and foremost, please know that we are committed to providing seniors who are on track to graduation a viable path to becoming a graduate this spring. Included with this letter are a series of questions and answers specifically related to our seniors.  We will work to continue to update this FAQ and it will be available to you at


In addition, Superintendent Cathy Moore wanted us to share her thoughts with you. Please take a minute to read her letter to the Class of 2020:


As you have questions about the senior year and senior experience, please feel free to submit those to me via email (  Our school leadership team will use your questions and feedback to inform next steps.


We know there are many questions that still need answers. School district leaders are communicating with state leaders on many of those questions because guidance in those areas must come from state officials.


Thank you for your patience and grace as we navigate these uncharted waters.  We are committed to you!



Abby Stotsenberg

Principal, VMCCA