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  • Driving Question: Can We Thrive on Mars? 

    Using what we know about Mars and current exploration, Honors Earth Science students took on the role of NASA astronauts who created an orientation training for new inhabitants on Mars.  The purpose of the training was to prepare new inhabitants with the knowledge and skills necessary to live this wonderful new life on the Red Planet.




Earth Wonders

    Driving Question: "What microbe causes the most terrifying human death?"

    What's Bugging You? was an integrated PBL between Biology and Art.  Students researched a bacteria, virus, or protist they felt caused the most horrifying death.  They created chalk murals as visual representations of the effects on the body as result of their microbe. View their voicethread to see pictures of their drawings and hear what the students had to say about their research!

    Visit their VoiceThread ->  WHAT'S BUGGING YOU?





    Driving Question: How can we use the past to improve the future?

    Law & Justice students worked in small groups to research early civilizations and create exhibits

    highlighting their accomplishments.
    law justice


    Driving Question: "How do art and science work together to inform and educate others of the earth’s natural wonders?"

    Earth Wonders was a integrated PBL between Earth Science and Art.  Students researched Mariana's Trench, Mt. Everest, Pyramids, StoneHenge, Galapagos Islands, and Volcano Fuego.  They created chalk murals as visual representations of each wonder. 

    Read more about their PBL process -> EARTH WONDERS







    Driving Question: "How does fear motivate self-awareness?"

    The Fear PBL was implementing in English III while studying Arthur Miller's The Cruicible. Students examined the causes and effects of fear during the Salem Witch Trials, and created driving questions about fear.  After collecting and evaluating data, groups answered their question through a presentation.  

    Visit their website -> How Does Fear Motivate Self-Awareness



  • Driving Question:  How does your future financial goals drive your financial decisions today?

    Students explored financial literacy & it's importance for equipping them with knowledge and skills needed to manage money effectively. Students examined their own financial choices and created tools to teach others how to manage their finances in order to help others become more productive citizens financially in the future.

    Financial Literacy