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PSAT Information


All freshmen and juniors will take the PSAT tomorrow (Wednesday, October 16). The testing session will begin at 7:25 and it is imperative that students arrive on time. Per College Board rules, students that are late will not be permitted to join the testing session once it has begun. The testing session is approximately 3 hours long so we encourage all students to eat a good breakfast in the morning. They will be dismissed to lunch upon the conclusion of the test, which will be at approximately 11:15.  


While the freshmen and juniors are testing, all sophomores will spend time completing their Wake Tech application, in preparation for starting their course work next year. They will then join the seniors in the program area classrooms for additional information, program demonstrations, and hands-on experiences. 


On Monday, all 9th, 10th and 11th graders received a notice that provided their room assignment for testing or Wake Tech session. Seniors should report to their program area classroom.