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Flight School Instructions

Welcome, New Silver Hawks!  New Student Orientation (also known as "Flight School") is tomorrow, Wednesday, July 31!! here are a few details that may be helpful:  


If parents are only dropping off or picking up a student, please use the entrance that accesses the carpool loop. It will look like you are entering the small parking lot for visitors. You will loop around the lot and drop off close to the front of the school. If parents are attending the morning or afternoon session, please pull into the large parking lot and park in any available space. 


The student sessions will begin promptly at  8:00 AM and conclude at 3:00 PM.  Students should report to the cafeteria area, pick up their schedule, and find their student host.  Students should be picked up in the afternoon by 3:15.


Parent sessions will occur in the media center from 8:00-8:45 and again from 2:15-3:00. These are repeat sessions so there is no need to attend both.


A light snack and a boxed lunch will be provided for students.  Water bottles will be available throughout the day. Students should wear comfortable clothing for team-building activities.


We are looking forward to welcoming our new Silver Hawk families!