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Student Check-Out Updates

WCPSS is now utilizing Verkada Visitor Management as a uniform security protocol for all visitors entering the school.
This system will impact the process of early dismissal of students by parents.
The most significant change for parents is that a driver's license will now be required when coming to the school to check a student out. For students, they need to stop in the front office prior to leaving the campus.
A QR code will be posted on the far-right door of the main entrance which will require parents to scan their driver's license when checking out their student.
To bypass this process, please send a note in with your student and ask them to bring it to the Attendance Office before the school day begins. Notes should include: date, student name, dismissal time, reason for dismissal and the parent's physical signature. This note will be exchanged for a pass which will allow the student to leave class at the designated time, check out at the Attendance Office and leave campus. If the student returns to campus after being checked out, they will need to check back in at the Attendance Office before returning to class.