AIG Program Overview

  • Barb Owens, AIG Coordinator
    Kim Gonzalez, AIG Teacher


    Learning Together


    Through our AIG Basics program, fourth- and fifth-grade students who are formally identified as academically gifted are grouped for core instruction. Advanced learners in early grades are provided with enrichment opportunities through the Explorers program at grade three and through push-in and pull-out instruction at grades K-2. In addition, we offer a broad array of AG elective courses for students at all grade levels, and we provide content differentiation in core instruction at all grade levels through technology applications, curriculum acceleration, and enrichment.                        

AIG Nominations

  • Would you like to nominate your child for the Academically and or Intellectually Gifted program? AIG Nominations for 4th and 5th grade students are accepted at all times.

    Note that the nomination process applies to the following students:

    • Fourth and Fifth grade students not currently identified as AIG 
    • Fourth and Fifth grade students interested in adding a second area of AIG identification

    Students who are currently identified as AIG in both reading and math are not eligible for further testing. Third graders should not be nominated, as all third grade students are assessed each year.

    The second semester nomination deadline for fourth and fifth grade eligible students is Friday, January 5, 2024.  To nominate a student for consideration, please complete the Spring 2024 AIG Nomination Form.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your form is received. 

    Contact Ms. Owens at if you have additional questions.