• Gifted and Talented/AIG Basics (K-8)

    Students in the AIG (Academically and Intellectually Gifted) Basics theme are grouped with other AIG-identified students for language arts or math, according to their individual qualifications. This theme is combined with the Gifted and Talented theme, so all students are offered electives choices. This theme is often abbreviated as GT/AIG.
    Elementary GT/AIG Basics Schools: Fuller  |  Hunter  |  Poe      
    Middle GT/AID Basics Schools:  Carnage  |  Ligon  |  Moore Square
  • Through an innovative schedule which incorporates two electives per day for students in grades one through five and one elective per day for kindergarteners,we seek to celebrate the global diversity of our student body and to discover and nurture the Gifts & Talents of every student. Our goal is to identify the academic and creative passions of our students, and to provide unique learning experiences which develop, enrich, and extend those interests. Although some elective courses are year- or semester-long, most last for one academic quarter, allowing students to experience up to eight different electives per academic year.

    Through our AIG Basics program, fourth- and fifth-grade students who are formally identified as academically gifted are grouped for core instruction. Advanced learners in early grades are provided with enrichment opportunities through the Explorers program at grade three and through push-in and pull-out instruction at grades K-2. In addition, we offer a broad array of AG elective courses for students at all grade levels, and we provide content differentiation in core instruction at all grade levels through technology applications, curriculum acceleration, and enrichment.