• Special Education Services (SES)

    The Wake County Public School System provides special education and related services according to the federal mandates of the Individual with Disabilities Act and the regulations of the North Carolina Public School Law, Article 9. Special Education: https://www.wcpss.net/domain/107  Intervention: https://www.wcpss.net/domain/2394


    Behavior Support

    Behavior support is designed for students with significant behavioral issues. The Behavior Support Team (BST) provides assistance and monitoring to these students throughout the day in order to ensure that they are able to access the Standard Course of Study in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). This daily support may include Goal Setting, Social Competencies Training, Behavior Contract Management, Crisis Intervention, Safe Haven/Respite, Escort, Stabilization, Reintegration and general case management. Through collaboration with subject area teachers, administrators, parents, and other involved persons/agencies the BST seeks to build capacity for student self–‐management.

    Curriculum Assistance

    Curriculum Assistance is a class designed to provide support for students with disabilities who are enrolled in regular education classes. The four main components of CA are collaboration/communication between teacher, parent and student; tutorial assistance; remedial assistance and study skills instruction. The student is taught to prioritize, organize, take notes, take tests, proofread, follow directions, and use reference materials.


    This is a class for students who exhibit specific decoding deficits as evidenced by assessment and IEP goals. This course will explicitly and systematically teach skills ranging from phonemic awareness to morphological units.  Classes will include instruction in alphabetic principle, specific phonic patterns, high frequency words, and an appreciation of morphemes. Fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension will be integrated into lessons. Pre–testing and ongoing assessment of students will determine placement and mastery.

    In-Class Resource (ICR):

    ICR provides support to students who need the opportunity to receive grade level instruction. The special education teacher and the general education teacher plan together and co–teach to incorporate multi sensory strategies into instruction and ensure that modifications and accommodations outlined in the IEP allow students who are below grade level to benefit from the class. The students in ICR classes who require direct instruction on skills may receive additional support (i.e., decoding class, and/or CA). Students who only need organizational skills are best served through appropriate accommodations or CA.

    Literacy Essentials/Writing

    Literacy Essentials is a class intended for a very small group of specific students who read at an extremely low level (pre–‐primer to beginning 2ndgrade) and are unable to benefit from a Literacy Connections or ICR class. This class is designed to explicitly and systematically teach basic comprehension skills as well as basic writing skills. It is designed to build and remediate the students’ emerging skills, and for students who need extensive functional/essential/basic skills development.

    Math Essentials

    This course is for students who have only emerging skills in counting and basic operations. Course content will concentrate on explicitly and systematically developing student counting and basic problem solving using basic operations.

    Social Skills

    For those students who need more foundational instruction and who are more concrete learners. Instruction should include but not be limited to personal emotional knowledge, interpersonal relationships, conversational skills, and coping strategies.


    Guided Study/PRIDE Time

    This course is designed to support students who need additional support in all subject areas. Teachers utilize instructional time to help students understand core topics, academic vocabulary, and basic fundamentals.

    Academy of Reading (AoR)

    The AoR is a reading intervention software tool designed to complement an existing reading curriculum for students who have gaps in their foundational reading skills. The program is designed to build accuracy and automaticity insound matching, letter-sound matching, decoding, phonics, and fluency to prepare students to develop comprehension skills. Because reading is so important to success in many high school subjects, improved reading skills should lead to increased reading comprehension and success in high school.

    College Prep Success in Reading 

    Available for grades 6, 7, and 8, this course is designed for students who need additional instruction and support in comprehension building, vocabulary building, and reading skills. Direct strategy instruction will occur with extended opportunities for guided reading practice with both fiction and nonfiction text. Students will have the opportunity to self–select texts and set individual reading goals. Instructional strategies will include teacher read aloud, paired reading, guided reading, literature circles, and building of independent reading time.

    College Prep Success in Math

    This course is designed for students who need additional instruction and support in gaining grade level mathematics skills, problem–solving strategies, test–taking skills, and mathematical thinking in authentic contexts.  Activities will focus on the use of manipulatives to build understanding of mathematical concepts and the use of cooperative and individual activities that practice and strengthen grade level skills and ability in mathematics. Technology, reading and writing for greater understanding in mathematics will be incorporated where appropriate.