• Principal's Message - March 21, 2018

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann on 3/21/2018

    Hello Spartan Families, this is Elaine Hofmann, #SalemProud principal of Salem Middle School with several updates and reminders for you.


    Track 1, we look forward to seeing you back on campus this coming Saturday and Track 4, have a wonderful track out!  Don’t forget we do have Saturday school for Tracks 1, 2, & 3. Start time is normal, there will be no breakfast or lunch served.  We dismiss at 11:45. Students will be attending their 2nd elective.


    March 29th is an Early Release day, students will be dismissed at 12:30 pm.


    March 30th is a Holiday!


    Report Cards:  Track 1, 2, & 3 students will be bringing home their Quarter 3 report cards on March 29th.  Track 4 will bring home their report cards the week they track back in, on April 27th.


    Spartan Time Reflection Day will be this coming Friday, March 23rd.  Students will remain on team and reflect on their grades, behavior, goal achievement, etc for this past quarter.  They will also be spending time setting goals for quarter 4. Please ask them about this school wide reflection activity!  They should be able to tell you what their report cards will show before they even bring them home next week.


    BYOD Reminders:

    We have been working diligently these last several weeks to remind our students that BYOD is a privilege.  Please help us maintain a positive and engaging learning environment by reinforcing our BYOD expectations with your students.  This includes the following:

    • Student cell phones and devices should only be used for educational purposes during the school day.  You can do much to help us by checking to see that your child is not texting, snapchatting, and/or using your data plan during the school day.  There are Apps for that!
    • The D in BYOD stands for Device, that does not have to mean a cell phone.  Students DO NOT NEED cell phones even though they will give you every excuse for why they do.  We have plenty of Kindles, laptops, tablets, etc that students can use during the school day to get their work done and participate in classroom activities.
    • Your student and a parent/guardian signed a BYOD contract for the school year.  Here is the copy of the contract that was agreed to.  Every student should be able to show you a sticker in their agenda that indicates they have a signed contract on file.  They must be showing this sticker to their teachers whenever they are using BYOD. (We are reminding our staff of this as well!).  Students who have lost their agenda’s should really not be using BYOD (this means their own personal device). Replacement agenda’s can be bought for $2.  This will be enforced much more during 4th quarter.


    I will be including more BYOD reminders over the next several weeks as we work to tighten up our cell phone use during the school day.  Please help us!!


    PTA Updates:

    • The next PTA sponsored Spirit Night will be on April 17th from 4 - 9 pm at Bruster’s Ice Cream.  Please see this Flyer for details!
    • Stay tuned for the PTA’s fun new school wide fundraiser that is coming soon… It’s time for a Color Battle!  We will be sharing all of the details with you in the next couple of weeks.


    Band updates:

    • Huge congratulations to our Salem MS 8th grade Band and the 7th grade band members that joined them for receiving straight Superior ratings at the North Carolina Music Performance Adjudication Festival!
    • Important APEX HIGH Marching Band/Visual Ensemble Dates Coming Up!!
      • Drumline and Front Ensemble Auditions will be 4/16, 4/17, 4/23, and 4/26
      • Visual Ensemble/Color Guard Auditions will be 4/30, 5/1, 5/2, and 5/3
      • Online Registration for 2018-2019 Marching Band opens on April 1st. Join us on May 8th for the Marching Band Kickoff meeting. This is a mandatory meeting for ALL Parents and Students interested in Marching Band. Full details on the Apex High Band website. Questions? Contact Band Director Daniel Jarvis or Apex Band Booster President.

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  • Principal's Message - March 11, 2018 (message about March 14)

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann on 3/11/2018

    Good afternoon Spartan Families!  This is Elaine Hofmann, #SalemProud principal of Salem Middle School.


    Following the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, there has been a call to action across our country to protest school violence. I am sending you this message in an effort to keep you in the loop with the student planned walkout scheduled for March 14th at 10 am and to provide you with some basic information in order to assist you and your student.  


    Salem students have indicated that they would like to exercise their First Amendment rights to express their views by participating in the national walkout. They have acted very purposefully and very responsibly by working with administration to organize a meaningful way for their voices to be heard on issues that directly impact them.  At 10 am they will gather at the basketball courts in the back of the school. Administration as well as all available staff and our SRO officer will be supervising closely. Student leaders will be ringing a bell once every minute for 17 minutes in remembrance of the students and staff that lost their lives in Parkland, Fl. Students will then return to class and resume their normal schedule.


    Our first priority is always student safety and security.  That is one reason we are asking that all students who would like to participate in the walkout sign up ahead of time in Student Services or in the Front Office.  Students will not be penalized for walking out so long as they do so with respect for the occasion that it is. This should be a cause that they feel moved to action on and one that should be thoughtful and planned out, not a spur of the moment decision. This also gives parents an opportunity to have prior conversations with your students about what they are planning to do, what your family values are and how your values impact your civic responsibilities. Students should sign up by Monday close of the school day.


    There will be many students that will choose not to participate. We want to make sure that all of our students feel safe and respected, no matter what they choose to do. Classroom learning and teaching will continue on as normally scheduled.  All students who walkout will be responsible for any work that they missed during that brief portion of the school day.


    Please know that I highly value strong partnerships with my students, families and community. I will continue to be vigilant in my efforts to work with you to ensure a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment at Salem Middle School.


    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


    Warm Regards,

    Elaine Hofmann

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  • Principal's Message - February 28, 2018

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann on 2/28/2018

    Good evening Spartan families!  This is Elaine Hofmann, principal of Salem Middle School with several updates and reminders for you.


    Track 2 - trackout is almost up for you.  We will see you all back to school this coming Monday, March 5th!


    Track 1 - you are wrapping up Quarter 3, it’s so hard to believe.  I hope you have a great trackout and come back on March 26th rested and ready for 4th quarter.


    Early Release reminder for this Friday, March 2nd!  Students are released at 12:30 pm.


    Tomorrow, March 1st is another Spartan Time school wide reflection day!  All students will be remaining on team and will be participating in team driven activities around checking grades in PowerSchool, reflecting on goal progress, assessing their strengths so far this quarter and identifying areas of improvement and so much more!  If your students’ track is at the 6 week mark, your child should be coming home with a printed interim report.  Ask your student about Spartan Time tomorrow evening… they should be able to tell you exactly how they are doing academically!  


    Is your teen struggling with appropriate use of social media?  Are you struggling as a parent to keep up with the ever changing social media world?  Here is an awesome website that will answer just about any question you might have!  Common Sense Media

    Opportunity for all parents from the West Cary PTA!

    The WCMS PTA Presents “Talk It Out” for Parents

    When: March 1, 2018 7:00pm-8:30pm  

    Where: West Cary Middle School Auditorium

    Don’t miss this interactive session for parents who want to be well equipped to talk with their teens or preteens about the dangers of underage drinking.

    Join our special guests Deputy Director Jim Van Hecke  and Director Kat Haney, both of the NC Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (NC ABC). They will share research about the immediate effects of alcohol on the adolescent brain as well as details on the long-term consequences on brain development.

    This session is brought to you in partnership with the NC ABC Commission as part of their statewide campaign,“Talk It Out,” a program designed to raise awareness and encourage parents to talk with their children about the dangers of underage drinking. Visit www.TalkItOutNC.org to learn more.

    We encourage you to bring your children.

    The speakers will be our own resource officer, Officer Brown, and Deputy Officer Jim Van Hecke.  We will also hear from Kat Haney, the Director of the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission..

    Talking points will be taken from this document if you would like to preview the discussion we will be having as a group:  



    Hope everyone has a good remainder of the week!  

    Warm Regards,

    Elaine Hofmann

    #SalemProud Principal of Salem Middle School

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  • Principal's Message - February 27, 2018 (campus security update #2)

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann on 2/27/2018

    Hello Spartan Families,


    This is Principal Elaine Hofmann from Salem Middle School.


    I want to take a moment to thank those of you who have taken the time to talk with your children about events of the past two weeks. I recognize this has been a challenging time for many as we work to ensure the safety and security of our children.


    I cannot emphasize enough the messages you have heard about the importance of student relationships with adults.


    We use and practice various safety procedures from lockdown drills to constant camera surveillance. But students are often the first to know when a threat is made. If they see something, they must say something. Working together, we can quickly assess most situations and stop rumors from spreading.


    Some of our children are also demanding a voice in this issue. We should not be surprised if some choose to engage in organized activities in response to national calls for action.


    Our priority is to ensure student safety as we strive to create learning opportunities for your children regardless of their views. If your child elects to participate in an activity, please urge him or her to stay on campus. Students who leave campus without permission are subject to consequences at the principal’s discretion.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I have obviously spoken with many of you already and I am most grateful for your input. As challenging as it is to have these conversations, we can all learn from them and become a stronger community in the process.



    Elaine Hofmann, Principal


    Soy el/la Director(a) Elaine Hofmann de la escuela Salem Middle School.


    Deseo tomar un momento para agradecer a aquellos que han tomado el tiempo de hablar con sus hijos sobre los eventos de las últimas dos semanas. Reconozco que este ha sido un momento desafiante para muchos mientras trabajamos para garantizar la protección y seguridad de nuestros niños.


    No puedo enfatizar lo suficiente los mensajes que han escuchado acerca de la importancia de las relaciones de los estudiantes con los adultos.


    Usamos y practicamos varios procedimientos de seguridad desde simulacros de cierre de la escuela hasta la vigilancia constante con cámaras. Pero los estudiantes a menudo son los primeros en saber cuando ocurre una amenaza. Si ven algo, deben decir algo. Trabajando juntos, podemos evaluar rápidamente la mayoría de las situaciones y evitar que los rumores se propaguen.


    Algunos de nuestros niños piden también poder expresar su opinión sobre este tema. No debería sorprendernos que algunos estudiantes opten por participar en actividades organizadas en respuesta a las propuestas de acción a nivel nacional.


    Nuestra prioridad es garantizar la seguridad de los estudiantes a medida que nos esforzamos por crear oportunidades de aprendizaje para sus hijos, independientemente de sus puntos de vista. Si su hijo elige participar en una actividad, insten a su hijo a que permanezca en el recinto escolar. Los estudiantes que abandonan el recinto sin permiso están sujetos a consecuencias a discreción del director.


    No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud. Obviamente ya he hablado con muchos de ustedes y estoy muy agradecido por su aporte. A pesar de lo desafiante que es tener estas conversaciones, todos podemos aprender de ellas y convertirnos en una comunidad más fuerte en el proceso.



    El/la Director(a) Elaine Hofmann de la escuela Salem Middle School.

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  • Principal's Message - February 20, 2018 (campus security update)

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann on 2/20/2018

    Spartan Families,  This is Elaine Hofmann, principal of Salem Middle school with a message specifically addressing school security.


    I have received many emails and phone calls regarding the latest school shooting in Florida and many of you have expressed very appropriately placed concerns about your own children’s safety.  Let me just reiterate from my last message, that your child’s safety and the safety of my staff is my number one priority and is what keeps me up at night!  I shared with you communication from WCPSS in my last message, but with this message, I would like to share specific security measures that Salem Middle School is taking and will be taking.


    1. All exterior doors to our campus are locked except for the front doors and the back door leading out to the PE trailers.  I have confirmed with WCPSS security that within the next 3 months, middle schools throughout the county will have a buzz-in/camera system put in place.   
    2. All staff have been asked to periodically review our Code Red Lockdown procedures and we do conduct 2 Code Red Lockdown drills a year.  Here are some things you may want review with your students if you wish.  1.  When a Code Red is announced, teachers will lock their doors, turn off their lights and have students crouch down in a predetermined part of the room that is out of sight of any windows or doors.  2.  It is extremely important that students remain quiet and follow the directions of their teachers at all times 3.  Classes may resume when a Code Green is called or teachers receive further instructions from law enforcement personnel.
    3. We do have a full time SRO on campus.  Officer Antonsen is a member of the Apex Police Department and is visible throughout the school day.
    4. As always, please remind your children that we all play a part in keeping our school safe.  If they hear of anything or you hear of anything that is a concern, no matter how small, it’s extremely important that they tell an adult whether it’s a teacher, a counselor or an administrator.  Also, please speak with your children about the seriousness of this matter and that under no condition should they be joking about bringing a weapon to school or harming other children/adults.  This is not the environment for that and I will take all threats very seriously joke or not.


    Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  If your child is struggling with fear or anxiety about these issues, please reach out to our counseling staff for support.  


    I hate that I have to send a message like this but in light of the number of calls and emails I was getting, I felt it was important to do so.


    Here is one of my favorite quotes that I shared with my staff this week:  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

    - Martin Luther King, Jr.


    Warmest Regards,

    Elaine Hofmann

    #SalemProud Principal of Salem Middle School

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  • Principal's Message - February 15, 2018

    Posted by Peter Caggia on 2/15/2018

    Hello Spartan Families, this is Elaine Hofmann, #SalemProud principal of Salem Middle School with several important updates and reminders.  


    First of all, in light of recent events, I can’t express to you enough the extreme responsibility I feel for the safety and well being of all of our students/your children.  The incident in Florida yesterday has broken my heart and is causing deep reflection once again on our school wide processes and protocols.  Please read the following communication.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or your child’s counselor.


    Valentine’s Day Dance - sponsored by our Athletic Department will be Friday night from 6:30 -8:30 pm.  The cost is $5 to get and students do need to have a signed permission form for admittance into the dance.  Only current Salem Middle School students are allowed to attend this function.  Concessions will be sold.  Please follow pickup procedures that are located on the permission form.  6th grade parents should use the bus loop and 7th/8th grade parents should use the carpool loop.  


    PTA Spirit Night

    Spirit Night @ Johnny's Pizza, Tues Feb 20th 5-8

    What: SMS Spirit Night

    Where: Johnny's Pizza 96 Cornerstone Dr. Cary

    When: Tues Feb 20th from 5-8pm

    Mention that you are with Salem Middle School for the fundraiser and they will generously give us 20% of our dine in/ pick up sales as well as the option of 10% of our delivery sales.


    WCPSS is providing information sessions on accelerated placement options for the 18-19 school year.  Please see these flyers for session location, dates and time.

    Placement Acceleration Information in Spanish

    Placement Acceleration Information in English

    I hope everyone has a good evening!


    Warm Regards,

    Elaine Hofmann

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  • Principal's Message - February 6, 2018

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann on 2/6/2018

    Hello Spartan Families!  This is Elaine Hofmann, Proud Principal of Salem Middle School with several updates and reminders.


    Don’t forget that this coming Friday is an Early Release day.  Students will be released at 12:30 pm.


    Spring pictures for Tracks 1, 2 & 4 are this coming Thursday.


    Track 1, 2 & 3 students have a snow make-up day this coming Saturday.  The school day starts at the regular time of 8:15 am and students will be dismissed at 11:45 am.  There will be no breakfast or lunch served on Saturday and students will attend only their 1st elective.  


    Our PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) team is looking to revise our PRIDE acronym.  We would like to update our positive behavior to reflect PROUD and include a social/emotional component to it.  We would love your feedback.  Please use this link to help us develop our new PROUD acronym.  


    PTA Events and Updates

      • Friday, Feb 10th is Movie Night at Salem!  Doors open for Salem students at 5 pm, the movie will start at 5:30 and will be done by 7:30 pm.  Price for admission is $5 and concessions including pizza will be sold.  The movie for this event is “Super 8” which is PG 13.  Students will need a permission form signed by their parent/guardian in order to attend this event.  This form can be found on our website as well as can be picked up in the front office.


    • Spirit Night @ Johnny's Pizza, Tues Feb 20th 5-8


      • What: SMS Spirit Night
      • Where: Johnny's Pizza 96 Cornerstone Dr. Cary
      • When: Tues Feb 20th from 5-8pm
      • Mention that you are with Salem Middle School for the fundraiser and they will generously give us 20% of our dine in/ pick up sales as well as the option of 10% of our delivery sales.
    • The PTA is looking for volunteers for the 18-19 school year.  There are plenty of opportunities available for all.  Please see the PTA webpage on Salem’s website for further details.
    • PTA Reflections Contest: Currently, the Media Center is displaying all Reflections entries. Congratulations to all of our participants who worked hard on their amazing projects. Everyone involved advanced to the Wake County level. Congratulations to those who placed at the local level, within Salem Middle School:
    •   1st-Tyler Wence with a literary piece titled, “The Man on the Mountain”
    •    2nd-Alondra Cardenas-Lopez with a literary piece named “The Invisible Chains”
    •    3rd-Allison Maza in the Visual Arts category with picture called”Lost Inside



      • Honorable mention goes to our other talented students-Noah Kanoy, Anya Stockman, Mikayla Johnson and Kwaku Korankye


    8th Grade Parents

    • Don’t forget to be looking carefully at your rising 9th graders high school websites for 9th grade Open House information… it is the season!  These are also listed on the PTA webpage.
    • The next High School Registration session conducted by Mrs. Bridges is February 15th at 6:30 pm in our Auditorium.  This is a repeat session of the one that was held in January.  If you missed it, this is your last opportunity to get valuable information to help prepare your student for high school.


    Don’t forget to visit the Salem website to keep fully informed and engaged in all of the events that are going on including easy access to teacher websites, master schedule of club meetings/athletic events and quick links to common apps such as PowerSchool, BrainPop, Google Classroom, and our OverDrive digital library.  


    As always, you can follow me on Twitter at @SalemPrincipal or by searching #SalemProud.

    I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.  Work hard, Be positive, Be kind, Learn together and show Spartan Pride in all you do!



    Elaine Hofmann

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  • Principal's Message - January 9, 2018

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann on 1/9/2018

    Hello Spartan Families, this is Elaine Hofmann, Principal of Salem Middle School with several important updates and reminders.


    For all Track 1, 2, & 3 families:

    Your student should have brought home their 1st Semester Report Cards today!  Please ask them about this.  


    Your student should have also shown you their school assignment strip which was sent home with them yesterday.  This document indicates the school to which they are assigned to for the 18-19 school year.  


    All 7th Graders

    All 7th grade students cover Mental Health in their Health classes and will be bringing home information regarding the Signs of Suicide program that Student Services covers as part of the curriculum.  Please be sure your student shares this information with you as the first program date is January 17th.  Contact the 7th grade counselor, Katie Lewis, with questions.


    All 8th Graders (Rising 9th Graders)

    Believe it or not, it is high school registration time!  There will be two meetings for 8th grade parents and students regarding high school registration for 2018-19. Please attend one.

    Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 6:30pm (SMS Auditorium)

    Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 6:30pm (SMS Auditorium)


    All Rising 9th graders who plan on attending Apex HS and Apex Friendship HS

    Salem is hosting an information night for all Salem students and their parents who are interested in learning more about AHS’s Academy of Information Technology and AFHS’s Academy of Engineering.  This event will take place on Tuesday, January 23rd from 6:30 - 7:30.


    All Students

    Don’t forget that Monday, January 15th is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, school will be closed.  


    As we say at Salem everyday, “Work hard, Be positive, Be kind, Learn together and show that Spartan PRIDE in all you do”!  Have a wonderful week!


    Warm Regards,

    Elaine Hofmann

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  • Principal's Message - December 19, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann on 12/19/2017

    Hello Spartan Families!  This is Elaine Hofmann, principal of Salem Middle School with your last message for the year 2017!  Don’t worry, there will be plenty more starting next year!  :)


    Just a reminder that tomorrow is our school wide Spartan Time Reflection Day.  Make sure to ask your students about how they ended the 2nd quarter and what their goals are for 3rd quarter!


    The PTA Spirit Night is tonight (12/19) at Qdoba from 5 -8 pm in the Beaver Creek shopping center.  Here is a flyer with all of the information.  This is an easy way to make money for SMS and provide a delicious dinner for your family!


    I-Ready Mid-Year Assessments: We will be administering the mid-year i-Ready diagnostics to tracks 1-3 on January 4th & 5th from 8:15-10:15 both days. I-Ready is the WCPSS diagnostic tool for monitoring student progress in reading and math. This is given three times a year to students who earned a level 1 or 2 on the EOG tests last school year. We are also administering the assessments to students who are new to WCPSS or Salem Middle School. Our teachers use this data in making Spartan Time groups to help students be successful. Students who are absent on these days will have a make-up session the following week. Parents who are interested in receiving a parent report after testing can contact Mr. Howe (showe@wcpss.net).


    I-Ready Materials: Students taking i-Ready will need headphones or earbuds for a portion of each assessment. If students have them, they are asked to bring them on January 4th & 5th. Thank you!


    You might have seen my Tweet about our 3 tables full of lost and found items.  If your child is missing a sweatshirt, a jacket, an agenda, PE clothing etc.  please remind your student to checkout these tables that are right outside of the cafeteria.  All items will be donated to Goodwill in the new year.  We will give track 1 a week to claim any of the items!


    As you know, our Superintendent, Dr. James Merrill announced his retirement starting in February.  The WCPSS School Board has started the search process by first surveying all stakeholders for a profile of the next leader they should be searching for.  Please complete this survey to help them find the best possible fit to lead this great school system!


    Have a fantastic break Spartans and we will see you in the new year!


    Warm Regards,


    Elaine Hofmann

    Principal Salem Middle School


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  • Principal's Message - December 13, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann on 12/13/2017

    Hello Spartan Families!  This is Elaine Hofmann with several updates and reminders from Salem Middle School.  


    Don’t miss our awesome Blue Notes Jazz Choir tomorrow night (Thursday, 12/14) at 6 pm in our auditorium.  They have been practicing very hard and I know they will not disappoint!


    PTA Updates

    Fun Pasta Sales were $1058.50 and we take 40% which means along with Donations we raised $700!


    The teacher prizes are as follows:

    Grade 6 - Mr Sudlow

    Grade 7 - Ms Regalado

    Grade 8 - Mr Manholt


    Grand Prize for highest Sales/Donations goes to the Darcy S. and Robbie S.


    Special thanks to Zebras Grade 7 Track 1 who raised the most out of any grade track by far with over $420 in sales/donations!!


    The next PTA Spirit Night is next Tuesday (12/19) at Qdoba from 5 -8 pm in the Beaver Creek shopping center.  Here is a flyer with all of the information.  This is an easy way to make money for SMS and provide a delicious dinner for your family!


    Early Release

    Our next Early Release is the last day before the Winter Holiday.  December 21st, we will dismiss students at 12:30.  


    End of 2nd Quarter/Report Cards

    Track 4 will track out on Dec 21st.  They will return on January 22nd.  Track 1,2 & 3 will return to the start of 3rd quarter on January 2nd.  The 2nd quarter reporting period ends on Dec 21st.  Track 1,2, & 3 students will receive their report cards on Jan 5th.  Track 4 students will receive their report cards on Jan 26th.  


    Our next Reflection Day will be on Dec 20th during Spartan Time.  All students will be looking at their grades in PowerSchools and reflecting on their academic progress during 1st Semester.  This is a great opportunity to have those conversations with your students because their grades and their current status in their classes will be fresh in their minds.  You should ask them questions such as:  “Did you meet your 1st Semester goals?”  “If you did, what helped you to meet them, if you didn’t, what can you do differently 2nd semester?”  “Since  your brain is a muscle, what kinds of activities/strength exercises can you participate in that will help your brain to stretch and grow even more for 2nd semester?”  This is why I love Growth Mindset!  Even if you got straight A’s, you can still think about your strengthening and growing your brain.  Parents, how are you demonstrating to your children that you believe in Growth Mindset and how do you show your students this?  Here is a great Growth Mindset article to help us have these critical conversations with our students.  But I Am Not a Lion!


    I hope you all have a wonderful and restful holiday break!


    Warm Regards,

    Elaine Hofmann - Principal Salem Middle School


    @SalemPrincipal - Twitter

    www.wcpss.net/salemms - Salem Website

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