Before and After School Care 2022-23

    Before School Care- The Taylor YMCA will continue to provide Before School Care for students who need to be dropped off before the doors open at 8:45am. Registration information for the YMCA sponsored Befor School Care Program AT Farmington Woods Elementary

    Please note: The YMCA operates as a separate program (as if it were offered at the YMCA but just provided on the FWES campus).  The YMCA Before School program is not endorsed or affiliated with Farmington Woods Elementary. It is not staffed or supervised by FWES staff. 


    After School CareFWES will be hosting our own After School Program to serve students who need to be picked up later than dismissal time (3:45pm for Walkers and 4:10pm for Carpoolers). Program information, fees and registration process information can be found at the After School Care link on the FWES Website. 

    Information below is posted on the FWES Website by WCPSS and cannot be removed. The information may not accurately provide data for the 2022-2023 school year. Thank you! 
  • Before and After School Programs


    Schools offering programs

    Many of our schools offer safe and stimulating Before and After School Programs, through the schools themselves or third-party providers. Contact your school to learn what's available.

    WCPSS-run programs are open to students in kindergarten through 5th grade. Most Before School Programs begin at 7 a.m. After School Programs end at 6 p.m.

    View this page to see a list of our Before and After School Programs by school.

    Enrolling and paying for services

    Your school will have student enrollment forms, parent information sheets and payment schedules based on its bell schedule.

    There are separate $15, non-refundable registration fees in the Before and After School Programs. Fees are based on a $2.75 per hour rate and apply to all children in a family.

    Many Before/After School fees can be paid for through the WCPSS Online School Payment Portal once the student is registered at their school.