Meet the Specialists!

    As an IB/PYP school, our goal is to create meaningful learning connections across content and curriculum areas. The IB refers to this concept as transdiciplinary learning and our Specialist Team is an essential component in making connections with students. While each of the academic disciplines listed below can easily stand alone in its relevance and content; when connected to student learning and deep understanding of core curriculum content it creates broader meaning in both areas. 
    An example might include while learning about regions of North Carolina in 4th grade social studies, students study North Carolina lighthouses and create visual art by learning to show perspective and use the horizon line. Students not only learn more about the Social Studies content but also learn an important visual art concept at the same time.  Similar experiences and connections occur in all areas through teacher collaboration and deliberate planning to strengthen student learning. 
    Daniel Jones
    Second Language  
    Ligia Vasquez (Spanish)
    Rosario Gravino (Spanish)
    Haili Crenshaw (Mandarin) 
    Media and Technology 
    Christine Zaccardi (Media Specialist)
    Anna Goodrum (Technology Teacher)