• Our Vision: 

    Bugg Magnet Elementary Center for Design & Computer Sciences is a dynamic school community where authentic experiences as Digital Citizens, Computational Thinkers, and Innovative Designers support students' academic achievement and prepare them to be collaborative problem solvers who positively impact our world.

  • Learner Profile: 

    The Bugg Learner Profile outlines specific learning targets for each grade band (K/1, 2/3, 4/5) to ensure that students are working towards milestones that will prepare them to be confident Digital CitizensComputational Thinkers, and Innovative Designers by the time they are ready to leave elementary school. These learning targets build upon one another so that students are continuing to reinforce and extend their previous learning from year to year. 

  • Innovative Designers

  • Computational Thinkers

  • Digital Citizens

  • Learner Profile