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    Center for Design & Computer Sciences

    We live in a digital world where evolving technologies, virtual connectivity and cyberspace exploration are paving the way to a new learning landscape and promising future for our children. Early exposure to high-order thinking and engagement in computer science concepts spark learning opportunities that will create a foundational skillset earmarked by perseverance, decision-making, self-motivation, and collaboration.

    Computer Science education in elementary school is about helping students develop the critical thinking skills that will help them become dynamic learners and proactive citizens working to make a positive difference in the world. It encourages and supports creative expression and problem solving and exposes students to the meaning and mechanisms behind the human-computer interaction upon which our society today is built. It is about giving kids the opportunity to grapple with powerful ideas, work through the process of problem solving with critical thinking, express their creativity and build skills in collaboration and persistence. The Design and Computer Sciences program at Bugg Elementary equips students with the necessary skills and frameworks for thinking through the challenging problems we face everyday. 

    Thinking, Acting & Applying 

    Bugg Magnet Elementary School is the first school in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) to offer the Center for Design & Computer Sciences program. Offering in-depth, hands-on instruction that introduces children to the Design Thinking Process and integrates Computer Science and Computational Thinking skills, Bugg Magnet Elementary School’s one-of-a-kind program will prepare students to enter middle school well positioned for higher-level math and science, and far ahead of the technological learning curve, with the experience and skills needed to lead the way in innovation and discovery as future experts in the fields of design and computer science.  The school grants all children daily access to technology with a one-to-one device program incorporating iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops.

    Using the Design Thinking Process and building students' Computational Thinking skills, the magnet program at Bugg seeks to cultivate students who are Collaborative Problem Solvers, ready to take on some of the world's most challenging problems and develop innovative solutions that positively impact our global community. Opening the doors to the world of Computer Science, we seek to expose our students to the possibilities for enhancing critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration through the use of computers. Our students learn to think through the lens of technological innovation and the increased effectiveness and efficiency with which problems can be solved with the use of digital tools and the computer programs behind them. 

    At Bugg, we provide students daily opportunities to interact with different hardware and software systems in order to learn about the way they function to support our ability to problem solve, create and communicate with others. Students learn to code using different block-based programming languages, making connections to math and science concepts, and begin to understand the logic behind the way we communicate with computers. Beyond the different robotics, computers, and computer software tools made available to our students, and perhaps most importantly, students are given the frameworks of the Design Thinking Process and Computational Thinking to guide them as they work to break down problems and plan to solve them using their own creativity and the valuable feedback and input of others. These opportunities send students down a path to becoming creative thinkers and collaborative problem solvers poised to change the world! 

    Magnet Pathway

    magnet pathway

    Students at Bugg follow a magnet pathway to the highly sought after programs of Martin Middle School and Enloe High School

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    Interested in your child attending Bugg Magnet Center for Design & Computer Sciences? Please contact Magnet Coordinator, Anna Dodd at (919) 250-4750, ext. 26046 or for further information or to schedule a school tour.