Bugg Magnet Center for Design & Computer Sciences
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    Center for Design & Computer Sciences

    We live in a digital world. Evolving technologies, virtual connectivity and cyberspace exploration are paving the way to a new learning landscape and promising future for our children. 

    Early exposure to high-order thinking and engagement in computer science concepts spark learning opportunities that will create a foundational skillset earmarked by perseverance, decision-making, self-motivation, and collaboration.

    Thinking, Acting & Applying 

    Bugg Magnet Elementary School is the first school in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) to offer the Center for Design & Computer Sciences program.

    Offering in-depth, hands-on instruction that introduces children to the Design Cycle Process and integrates computer science and computational thinking skills, Bugg Magnet Elementary School’s one-of-a-kind program will prepare students to enter middle school well positioned for higher-level math and science, and far ahead of the technological learning curve. 

    The school also grants all children daily access to technology with a one-to-one device program incorporating iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops.

    Magnet Pathway

    magnet pathway

    Learn More About Bugg Magnet

    Interested in your child attending Bugg Magnet Center for Design & Computer Sciences? Please contact Magnet Coordinator, Anna Dodd at (919) 250-4750, ext. 26046 or for further information or to schedule a school tour.