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  • At Bugg Magnet Elementary Center for Design & Computer Sciences, students are engaged in learning that develops higher-order thinking skills and provides a foundational skillset designed to meet the ever-changing technological challenges in our society. They are becoming innovative problem-solvers, learning computer coding and programming, building and programming robotics, creating digital art and music, and so much more! 

    Contact us for more information, or reach out to our Magnet Coordinator, Anna Dodd at adodd3@wcpss.net

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Design & Computer Science



    Computer Science is Foundational 

    Computer Science education in elementary school is about helping students develop the critical thinking skills that will help them become dynamic learners and proactive citizens working to make a positive difference in the world.

    The Design and Computer Sciences program at Bugg Elementary equips students with the necessary skills and frameworks for thinking through the challenging problems we face everyday. 


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