• Parents Are Buzzing About Bugg

    'Some of the most inspiration I get in a day happens when I walk my daughter into Bugg'

    "My daughter is in the 4th grade and to date has been to three schools in her young life.  It is hard as a parent to know the extent of your child’s talents but not have the right tools to engage them. My daughter was completely elated at the extent of the opportunities at Bugg. Being technologically oriented and deeply artistic, even just being accepted at Bugg was a huge shot in the arm of motivation for her. And some peace of mind for me! Everyone at Bugg is so genuine and you can tell that everyone really is there on a mission every day to make each student feel important. Some of the most inspiration I get in a day happens when I walk my daughter into Bugg. The school itself is lovely and engaging, and she is receiving a level of unprecedented attention from her teacher. She is being exposed to significant and engaging diversity as well as new subjects, friends, and afterschool activities. She is starting the Coding Club this week! As a working professional mother, I am very excited for her to be further exposed to thinking “outside of the box” and to know that girls can do any and all sorts of things, including science and technology work. I strongly believe that Bugg is doing good and important work in the community in which it is located and for the leadership potential of its students as they move along." 

    - 4th Grade Parent 

  • Choosing to Be Part of the Bugg Family 

    Mr. Bradley Kimbrell, 1st and 4th grade parent