• Inspiring Partnerships at Bugg Magnet

    Bugg Magnet Elementary Center for Design & Computer Sciences has partnered with several companies and local community organizations to help design its curriculum, introduce innovative project-based learning opportunities, and serve as mentors for its teachers and students.

    Bavel Blocks and Coding Club

    4th and 5th graders at Bugg have the opportunity to participate in Coding Club after school. Run by our Coding Connections and Innovation teachers, Mr. Rutheny and Mrs. Moon. Coding Club offers students the opportunity to expand upon their foundational skills in coding to explore more advanced concepts and skills using the Bavel Blocks platform. 


    Bugg Corporate amd Non-Profit Partners

    SAS Institute, Inc.


    SAS® Curriculum Pathways® has partnered with Bugg Magnet Center for Design & Computer Sciences to offer ongoing professional development to school teachers and staff and provide its CodeSnaps coding program for students to utilize. The information technology solutions giant was an integral part of the school’s Computer Science Education Week facilitating a variety of interesting computer science activities including Coding in Music, Coding in Math, Coding in Science and more.

    Read more about the school’s partnership with SAS® Curriculum Pathways® here


    Chiesi USA


    Through its Chiesi in the Community outreach program, Chiesi USA is working with Bugg Magnet Center for Design & Computer Sciences to create positive and enduring change in the student learning experience to create learners for life. The Cary-based pharmaceutical company partners with the school to support its Science in Action, Brain Food, Inquiring Minds, and Fresh Air programs. Chiesi has also donated a variety of materials to support the school’s specialized theme including the Google Expedition Virtual Field Trip System, virtual whiteboards, a school garden with raised beds and an outdoor classroom, and more. Chiesi volunteers have attended and taken part in the school’s Bugg Expo event, Beautification Day and Field Day.


    Inter-Faith Food Shuttle


    Inter-Faith Food Shuttle in Raleigh is working closely with Bugg Magnet Center for Design & Computer Sciences to create a school garden sustainability plan, facilitate its Scout Sprouts after-school garden club, and provide nutritional insight and education to its students.


    Bugg Community Partnerships