Pre-K Heading
  • We are the amazing preschool here at Carpenter Elementary. Our classroom is called a “structured teaching” classroom. We use hands-on, project-based investigations to help build confidence, critical thinking skills, self-help skills, social skills, and communication; all of which is all tailored to meet individual children’s needs.



    Sarah Champie,    Structured  Pre-K Teacher


    Brandis Miller, Title I Pre-K Teacher (Blended)


    Barbara Lucchesi, Title I Pre-K Instructional Assistant (Blended)


    Trish Britt, Structured Pre-K Instructional Assistant


    Jodi Viau, Structured Pre-K Instructional Assistant


     Alexandra Fedorkowicz-Drake Pre-K Instructional Assistant (Blended) 

Pre- K
Structured Pre-K Blended Team