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    Each week the students in the C.A.R.Y. News Club create their own school newscast under the guidance of club sponsors: Mr. Spirakus and Coach Schmidt.

    The club sponsors help the students select the news stories to report on, write and edit the newscast script, and format the script in a Google Slides presentation for use in the newscast recording. The Production Department features a crew of on-camera anchors, as well as a cameraperson, and a teleprompter operator. The anchors read the daily script off of a computer monitor that is connected to a laptop, and the teleprompter operator advances to the next slide of script during recording.  The camera operator records the newscast with an iPad.  Once the segments of the newscast are recorded, the students use iMovie to edit the recorded segments into the finished newscast video.  The newscast is shown to all classrooms promptly after the start of school each school day. 

    Carpenter Elementary is very proud of our student news program. We have talented and hard-working students who volunteer their time and energy to produce a news broadcast which includes the Weather Forecast, Lunch Menu, Special Announcements and the Quote of the Day. We thank everyone for watching, and we aim to improve each and every broadcast!


    Students editing script   Students editing video footage

                          Students edit the script for the newscast                                         Students edit the newscast video footage

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