Welcome to Poe!


    Who we are: Teachers and learners who take joy in our work. Talented, creative people who hone and share our gifts. Kind and respectful citizens. 
    What we do: Nurture the growth of the whole child: academic, physical, social, emotional and artistic. Cultivate the interests and passions of every student. We offer more than 100 electives, from architecture to robotics to zoology. K-2 electives. Grade 3-5 Electives.
    How we do it: By infusing our magnet theme of Gifted & Talented/Academically and Intellectually Gifted in everything we do. Learn more.
    Why you should visit: To see the exciting new things that are happening in our school building. Schedule a tour.

    Background and Fun Facts 

    Pieces of Gold
    Poe Magnet Elementary is a small GT/AIG Basics school just outside of downtown Raleigh. With only about 400 students, we are able to provide a close-knit family environment where each child builds positive relationships with caring adults. Our core values guide our mission to inspire and cultivate confident learners prepared to embrace the challenges of the future. We serve students from all areas of Wake County and love to have visitors tour our school. Schedule a tour today!

    School Mascot:  Panda Bear

    School Colors:  Green, Black and White

    School Song:  “A Child of this World”, Teresa Jennings, 2005

    School Motto: Grow at Poe!