• Bring Your Own Device

  • What is BYOD?

    BYOD is program that acknowledges that many students have devices that may help them to engage in the learning process through a variety of programs, applications, and sites.  Overall, it is an effort to continue to engage students in engaging, meaningful learning. BYOD is always voluntary, students will never be required to use their own device for classroom instructional purposes. 

    How Does It Work at HSHS?

    Check out this quick video created by students when the program launched in 2014. 

    BYOD Zone Descriptors

    Teachers will communicate expectations for device usage via "red, yellow, and green" zone descriptors.  For more detailed BYOD expectations, please use the HSHS Acceptable Use Policy link under Resources on the right-hand side of this page.
     Zone Descriptors
  • For More Information

    If you have questions about our BYOD program, please contact Assistant Principal Eric Burleson at sburleson@wcpss.net.