• Career Development

    Our Career and Technical Education (CTE) program aims to prepare students for employment opportunities, advanced education, and productive lives. CTE promotes best practices that enhance teachers' efforts to improve student achievement and encourage responsible career choices. We want to meet students' needs, cultivate their abilities, and help them realize their aspirations.

    The Career Development Process involves the completion of a variety of activities geared to help students determine or confirm their desired life direction. This is the initial action that must be taken in order to select an appropriate career or college major.

    The greatest challenge and the greatest need for career development programs occur at the high school level. The need is that graduation plans dictate certain educational selections that require guided reflection and decision-making. Ms. Lesley Brickhouse, the Career Development Coordinator (CDC), is available to help all students through the career development process.  There are various steps in this process that occur during each year that students are at Enloe Magnet High School.  

    Step 1:  Assist students in getting to know themselves
    • Identify interests, strengths, values, traits, and ambitions
    Step 2:  Exploring career options
    • Research careers that align with interests
    • Understanding trends within the industry
    • Research education and training requirements
    Step 3:  Get Focused
    • Make decisions and set goals
    • Develop an action plan
    • Align current course schedule to career interest
    • Seek CTE credentials and certifications
    Step 4:  Take Action
    • Prepare resume
    • Connect with employers
    • Gain experience through work-based learning (job shadowing, internshipships, apprenticeships)
    • Refine workplace skills
    • Reflect on experiences

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Lesley Brickhouse
Career Development Coordinator