• Eligibility for Attending Prom/School Dances

    Daily Expectations

    • Be prepared and on time to class

    • Adhere to all school and classroom rules, expectations and procedures

    • Utilize school appropriate physical and verbal communication

    • Build connections with teachers and staff members throughout the building

    • Be accountable and responsible for your choices


    • Any students suspended are not allowed to participate in afterschool activities, school dances, or athletic events during the suspension period.

    • Any student who has been suspended 5 or more total days or that has been suspended for: Gang related activities, Fighting, Drugs and/or Alcohol are also not allowed to attend school dances, athletic events or Prom. The privilege of attending athletic events can be revoked for the remainder of the semester/ school year.

    Prom Information

    Juniors and Seniors, join us for a night Under the Stars at Prom on May 6th from 8:00 to 11:30 pm. Prom ticket sales will begin March 1st at a discounted price of $40 each. On March 31st, ticket prices will increase to $50 each. All ticket sales will be on the school website from March 1st to April 28th. Once you have bought your ticket, you must complete the Prom Application for ADHS Students. Any guests attending Prom will need to complete the Prom Guest Application. Any students attending Prom need to submit their Prom application, submit their Prom Guest Application (if applicable), and pick up their Prom ticket at the Prom table after school during the week of May 1st through 5th. Prom tickets can be bought at the Prom table for $50 with CASH ONLY! Students will not be admitted to Prom without their photo ID and Prom ticket (picked up from the Prom table). 


    Required Forms

    Forms must be submitted before you purchase tickets!



    2023 Prom Application

    2023 Prom Guest Application

    Paper copies are available in the main office.  

    Link to Online Payment


    Sweetheart Charity Gala

    2022-2023 Sweetheart Charity Gala PERMISSION FORM

    2022-23 Sweetheart Charity Gala GUEST APPLICATION

    Paper copies are available in the main office.

    Link to Online Payment