• Birthday Celebrations: Birthday snacks will be served in the student’s classroom, not in the cafeteria. We ask the parent to arrange a time with the classroom teacher ahead of time. Due to the number of food allergies, parents need to contact the teacher for a list of approved items. All food items must be store bought. No balloons, party favors, hats, decorations, candles, etc. may be brought in with the birthday snack.

    With regards to birthday celebrations outside of school, please note children are not allowed to send invitations and/or thank you notes to classmates through student backpacks.

    Student Devices: Students are allowed to bring a device (laptop, smart phone, tablets, etc) from home to school for educational purposes. Prior to the device entering the building, the parent and student need to sign a technology responsible use form at the beginning of every school year. Devices are used at the teacher’s discretion.

    Devices (including cell phones and smart watches) should not be used for calling, texting, or gaming. Students should notify their teacher if they need to contact a parent or guardian. If a parent or guardian needs to get in contact with their child they should call the front office. At no time should parents be texting or calling their students, especially during instructional time.

    Board Policy 3225 Technology Responsible Use states: “The school system assumes no responsibility for personal technology devices brought to school. Students are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct and the applicable “Rules for Use of Technology Resources” set forth in this policy when students use a personal device on school property, at school sponsored events, on school-based transportation, or anytime a personal device is connected to school system technology resources. As an example, students using a personal device on school property, at school sponsored events, on school-based transportation, or when the device is connected to school system technology resources, shall not engage in creating, intentionally viewing, accessing, downloading, storing, printing or transmitting images, graphics (including still or moving pictures), sound files, text files, documents, messages or other material that is obscene, defamatory, profane, pornographic, harassing, or abusive.

    Cafeteria: WCPSS serves a hot breakfast and lunch every day. There are various payment options available by clicking on LUNCH MONEY OPTIONS at www.wcpss.net. Deposits can be made into your child’s account using www.myschoolbucks.com. Snacks such as chips, water, and ice cream can be purchased separately from lunch.

    Parents are encouraged to eat lunch with their child at school. Parents would need to check-in the front office and check-out after eating. No parent should go to the classroom before or after eating lunch with their child. Outside food brought in is not for anyone except for your child.

    Clubs and Organizations: Sycamore Creek offers a variety of clubs as well as outside organization clubs that come to campus. Some examples of clubs that may be offered are Chorus, School Musical, Pieces of Gold, Art Club, Crocs Unified, Girls on the Run, Kindness Club, and Newspaper Club.

    Change of Address/Phone Number: If there is a change in address, the parent will need to bring in a utility bill (water, electric or gas) or a signed lease (contract agreement) as proof of address in order to change to the new address. If there is a change in phone number(s), please call the front office to report the change.

    Counselors: Our counselors teach classes, meet with small groups and also spend one-on-one time with our students. Not only are our counselors a great resource for our students but also to our parents. Call the school for contact information for our guidance counselors.

    Forgotten Items: Any item a child has left at home may be brought to the office. School personnel will make sure the item is delivered to the student. In order to protect instructional time, visitors are not permitted to go directly to classrooms.

    Homework Policy: Sycamore Creek’s homework policy aligns with the WCPSS homework policy. The minutes of homework per day should not exceed:

    K-2: 20 minutes per day

    3-5: 50 minutes per day

    Please not that this time does not include nightly reading.

    Homework assignments should strengthen skills, provide practice in subjects that already have been taught in class and/or improve a student’s ability to work independently. Homework will not be graded. You can access the entire Homework Policy on our school website.

    Items not allowed in school: For the safety of all children there are certain items prohibited from school. Those items are: backpacks with wheels, shoes with wheels, glass containers, and balloons.

    Students have many items at home that continually prove to be disruptive to instruction or school procedures. These items deemed to be possible safety hazards should not be brought to school. Such items include virtual pets, dolls, Beanie Babies, collectable cards, yo-yos, toys, silly bands, etc. If any of these items are seen by a staff member, they will be confiscated and turned into the office. The parent can pick-up from the front office.

    Lost and Found: Articles of clothing can be found on hangers outside the PTA office at the end of the main hallway. Students should check periodically for any clothing they may be missing.

    Parking: Parking for guests are the unmarked spots in the carpool lane as well as in the main parking lot. Exits, entrances and fire lanes should remain open for emergency vehicles.

    Parking on the grass areas around the parking lot and carpool circle is prohibited!

    Student Dress Code (Policy 4316): Students are expected to adhere to standards of dress and appearance. Our guiding principles for the student dress code are similar to those experienced and expected in the workplace: attire that furthers health and safety of students and staff, enables the educational process, and facilitates the operations of the school.

    To promote these goals, students may not wear or carry clothing, jewelry, book bags or other personal articles that:
     Depict profanity, vulgarity, obscenity or violence;
     Promote the use or abuse of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs;
     Are prohibited under Policy 4309 III-2 (Gang and Gang Related Activity) or any other provision of the Code of Student Conduct;
     Threaten the health or safety of staff or students or
     Are reasonably likely to create a substantial disruption of the educational process or operations of the school.

    • Students must wear clothing including both a shirt with pants, or skirt, of the equivalent and shoes.
    • Shirt and dresses must have fabric in the front, back, on the sides, under the arms, and extending from chest to thighs.
    • Clothing must cover undergarments (waistbands and straps excluded).
    • Breasts, genitals and buttocks must be covered with fabric that cannot be seen through.
    • Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities including physical education.
    • Head coverings (including hats, hoods, sweat bands, and bandanas) are generally prohibited. However, students may wear head coverings in the classroom as an expression of sincerely held religious belief or cultural expression or to reasonably accommodate medical or disability-related issues.