• Volunteers

    • All volunteers must be cleared through Wake County’s volunteer registration. If you plan to participate in an: 
    • Activity that may require direct contact with students on or off campus with no or limited supervision
    • Activity that may require access to confidential information
    • Activity that potentially involves solitary time with students
    • Activity that may take place outside the view of school staff for brief or extended periods
    • Activity that may involve driving students in a personal vehicle
    • Activity that may take place with supervision or in a public setting
    • Activity that may involve little or no student contact and no solitary time with students
      • EXAMPLES: overnight field trips, tutoring inside or outside the classroom, extended out-of-school activities, off-campus mentoring, field trip chaperone, dance chaperone, club sponsor, health room assistant, volunteer coach, clerical work for teacher, telephone volunteer, media center volunteer, beautification volunteer, classroom assistant, field day volunteer, test proctor, front office helper, room parent

    All continuing volunteers approved for WCPSS MUST reactivate each year.

    How to register

    You must register on the campus of any Wake County Public School System School. If you plan to register at Sycamore Creek, you can sign in at the main office and go to the media center for assistance.

    The volunteer system will be open daily.  All volunteer requests will be processed in the order of registration.

    Volunteer Site