• Sycamore Creek Tutoring List 2023-2024

    NOTICE TO FAMILIES:  The attached list contains names of Sycamore Creek employees willing to tutor for pay and is provided as a courtesy to families considering tutoring services for their students. Employees who currently teach or serve your student cannot provide tutoring services to your student.  

    Tutors are listed alphabetically on the list. The school compiles the tutors list as a resource to families; a school is not able to provide referrals for a specific tutor. Sycamore Creek may periodically update the tutoring list with employees who request to be placed on the list for that school year.

    Before making a decision about a tutor, parents are encouraged to contact individuals to learn more about their services, experience, and rates.  All arrangements for tutoring services rendered, including the rate of pay, the quality of the service, and any other terms and conditions of employment are to be arranged between the tutor and the families contracting the services.  Tutoring services for pay can not occur at school or any school system property.  See Board Policy 7735, Tutoring or Providing Services to Students for Pay.


    Name of Tutors (alphabetical)

    Initial Contact Information

    (After tutoring services are scheduled, you will contact the tutor through a personal email.)

    Courses for which you provide tutoring

    District areas in which you provide tutoring (e.g., Northwest Raleigh)

    Katie Alford


    K-1 Reading/Math

    NW Raleigh, near SCES, Virtual

    Molly Bailey


    K-2 Reading/Math

    NW Raleigh, near SCES

    Jessica Kronen


    K-2 Reading/Math

    NW Raleigh, near SCES

    Angela Scott


    K-3 Reading/Math

    NW Raleigh, near SCES, Virtual