• School Homework Plan

    In the Wake County Public School System, we are committed to maintaining rigorous performance and
    achievement standards for all students and to providing a fair and consistent process for evaluating and
    reporting student progress that is understandable to students and their parents and relevant for instructional
    The information below shares specific information about grading at our school.


    The following are school-wide expectations for homework:
    Homework is intended to:

    1. Reinforce, maintain, enrich, and extend the skills and concepts taught in class.
    2. Provide practice and application
    3. Establish good study habits.
    4. Develop responsibility in students, independence, and self-direction.
    5. Establish an awareness and involvement of the parents in the child’s educational experience.

    Recommended time parameters for daily assignments will differ by grade level and should not exceed the
    Kindergarten     20 minutes           Grade 3     50 minutes
    Grade 1               20 minutes          Grade 4     50 minutes
    Grade 2              20 minutes           Grade 5     50 minutes
    *This amount of times may not include nightly reading which is expected of all students.*
    The following are grade/subject specific expectations for the completion and grading of homework:

    • Each teacher should follow the WCPSS guidelines concerning the amount of homework assigned and the
      length of time required for completion.
    • The teacher will introduce a concept or skill, thoroughly explain the concept or skill, and provide guided
      practice before making a related homework assignment.
    • Homework should be meaningful.
    • Homework assignments should be specific, within the student’s ability and have clearly defined
      expectations. Questions related to the completion of a homework assignment should be answered and
    • Homework assignments are not to be graded but considered practice and considered in reporting a
      student’s work habit grade.
    • Homework should not be given as busy work or as punishment.
    • Homework should not be assigned on weekends, holidays, or track out.
    • When planning homework the teacher will consider these questions:
      • How long will it take to complete this assignment?
      • What is the purpose of this homework assignment?
      • What will the student’s attitudes be about the learning after completing this assignment?
      • Can I give immediate feedback on this assignment?
      • Will the homework results give me a picture of what the student can and cannot do?

    The Homework Plan for Sycamore Creek Elementary can be found in the Student Handbook found on our webpage. 

    Classwork and Assessments

    The following are school-wide expectations for classwork and assessments:

    • Classwork should be aligned to the curriculum standards and will be meaningful practice that prepares
      students for common assessments.
    • Learning targets are provided to students to hold them accountable for what they are learning.
    • Grade level professional learning teams will create common assessments on essential standards.
    • Assessments will be given once students have had ample time to practice and learn the objectives.
    • Teachers will work together in their Professional Learning Teams to analyze assessment results to help
      guide further instruction.

    The following are grade/subject specific expectations for the completion and grading of classwork and

    • Students should complete classwork in the provided time given. If classwork is not completed, students
      may be asked to complete their assignments at other various times throughout the instructional day.
    • Teachers will follow the Standard Based Grading guidelines and will provide parents with assessment


    Missed Work


    The following are school-wide expectations for missed work:

    • Students will be expected to make up missed work.
    • Teachers will communicate with the students and parents about the missed assignments that need to
      be completed.
    • Make-up work must be completed within a reasonable amount of time after the absence. Teachers
      should use discretion and may make exceptions in the case of students whose excused absences were
      not planned in advance, and/or were beyond the student's control.


    Prevention-Intervention Plan


    For students at risk of academic failure, our school seeks to provide a prevention/intervention system that
    promotes successful completion and mastery of work. Details of our plan are included on our SIP Intervention
    The following are school-wide expectations for how we support prevention-intervention efforts:

    • When a student is not meeting the grade level benchmarks, parents will be notified and intervention
      strategies will be created to assist with meeting his/her needs. The classroom teacher will determine
      the interventions by engaging in the Team Initiated Problem Solving model with their Professional
      Learning Team (PLT).
    • If classroom interventions are unsuccessful, the classroom teacher will share academic/behavior
      concerns with his/her Professional Learning Team (PLT) and they will continue with the data focused
      Team Initiated Problem Solving model to determine additional/alternative interventions. If necessary, a
      Tier Plan will be created and will be utilized for six weeks and then reviewed to determine its
    • Students at risk of academic failure after the second nine weeks may be considered for possible
      retention. Parents will be notified by their classroom teacher if their child is at risk for retention. A
      promotion/retention team will meet to discuss any child at risk of retention in March and again in June.


    Extra Credit


    Sycamore Creek does not provide extra credit opportunities because of standards based grading.


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