Welcome to Kindergarten at Farmington Woods!

    We are so excited for you to join us as an IB learner in the 2022-2023 school year!

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    2022-2023 Transition to Kindergarten Family Resources

    Don't forget to also review the school-wide information sent in the Friday Folder and via School Messenger. All information can be found on our Parent Communication page for review. 

    The About Our School- General Information- section of the website includes updated documents and materials for additional review to prepare for the start of kindergarten. 



    Mrs. Pierce's Video Message for Kindergarten Students and Families

    Countdown to Kindergarten- 1 week to go!

    Getting Ready for Open House

    PTA Family Picnic to Follow on Green Top- 4:00-6:00pm! 

    Kindergarten students are not assigned to a teacher until the Staggered Entry days have been completed- so there will not be an assigned teacher for your student to visit. Kindergarten students and families will visit each kindergarten classroom and meet all kindergarten teachers. There will be an activity to complete in each of the classrooms.


    Open House Kindergarten Stations- review to know what you will be doing:) 

    Kindergarten Orientation Slides for Families 2022-23


    In the school there will be many other starting the year activities to complete, too: 

    • Get a Carpool Tag if you will be picking up in the PM at ANY POINT in the year (Tag not needed for AM drop off)

    • Ask questions about Bus Routes

    • Put $ on a lunch account 

    • Register to be an FWES Volunteer

    • Join the PTA and order New Spiritwear

    Please monitor your time in each kinder classroom to make sure you have time for all activities before 4:00pm:) 


    Check your Staggered Entry Date for next week- Kinders only come one day the first week of school:) 

    • Parents are encouraged to walk in with kindergartners on their staggered entry date:) 

    • Bring a backpack with: 

      • Lunch box/Lunch money ($3.00) and a snack are needed

      • Change of clothes

      • **DO NOT send school supplies from the list on the Staggered Entry Day (bring them on September 2nd when students are assigned to a teacher)

    • Make sure you have let the Kindergarten Team know (at Open House) how your child will be going home on their staggered entry day. 

    Getting Ready for Kindergarten and School Rules and Procedures

    One of the biggest transitions for our kindergarten students is adjusting to a classroom with many more students than preschool or at home. There is a need to wait your turn, walk in a line, follow directions from adults, sit in an assigned seat, listen, transition between activities (even if it does not get finished), follow a schedule and many more. While our teachers are skilled and making these things happen with a classroom full of kindergartners, you can begin to assist your child with this transition at home. 

    The information below will help your family consider rules and behavior expectations and how you can create similar structures at home to make your family function at its best- like we will do at school to make sure learning functions for every student at its best. 

    Teaching Behavior Expectations- English and Spanish

    Rules Tips for Home



    Countdown to Kindergarten- 2 weeks to go!


    FWES Open House for Kindergarten is 2:30-4:00pm on Thursday, August 25th 


    Followed by the PTA Family Picnic from 4-6pm! 


    Let’s Get Ready!

    Section #5 Cognitive Development


    Public School kindergarten is an academic based program with developmentally appropriate learning practices to support success of our young learners. There will be reading, writing, “spelling”, math, Science and Social Studies learning each day. As you review the Cognitive Development document and activities linked above- also take a look at the Learning Standards comparison document below to see the changes from a Pre K program standards to the expectations in Kindergarten. You are in for a treat to watch your child learn and grow this year! 

    PreK to Kindergarten Standards Comparison 


    At Home Activities This Week: 



    Countdown to Kindergarten- 3 weeks to go!


    FWES Open House for Kindergarten is 2:30-4:00pm on Thursday, August 25th followed by the PTA Family Picnic from 4-6pm! 


    Establishing Routines- time to get started- habits and routines require 11-17 times to become regular! 

    All students, but especially kindergartners, thrive on routine and procedures. It provides them with comfort and stability throughout their day. The transition to Elementary School is a big one for a 5 year old and having routines ALREADY established at home for morning and bedtime routines will allow your child to be equipped to focus their energy on the school transition. Please review the documents linked below filled with information and ideas on how to establish morning and bedtime routines. You’ve got three weeks+ to develop and practice them before school starts so get ready! 


    Some general reminders:

    • Leave early enough from home for the bus stop or carpool that a student is not rushed or late

    • Pack backpacks the night before

    • Decide on what to wear (or two options to wear) the night before

    • Make time for a calm breakfast and talk about the things that your child has shared that they like at school (playground, friends, centers, etc.). 

    • A regular, enforced bedtime will help your child’s body adjust to the school routine

    • Always read a book before bed! Even the same book over and over will provide that structure to help your child go to sleep faster:) 

    • Use calming music or other calming activities to help your child transition into sleep time (research says no screens/TV for 30-60 minutes prior to going to bed will support falling asleep faster)

    Backpack Connection Bedtime Routines    Espanol

    Backpack Connection Morning Routines    Espanol


    Let’s Get Ready!

    Section #4 Language Development and Communication


    At home activities for this week: 

    • Read a book with your kindergartner and use the guide linked below before during and after reading to get them ready for reading in Kindergarten! 

    • All About Me- complete page 1 with your kindergartner

    • Counting Practice 1-10! Select items in your home (silverware, socks, toys, goldfish crackers, baby carrots, etc.) and make various group sizes and have your child count them- make sure they touch each object as they count them. As a challenge, use index cards or cut paper to have numbers 1-10 on them- as they count the group, have them match the number to the group they just counted:) Have fun!



    Countdown to Kindergarten- 4 weeks to go!

    Eating Lunch at School- Review the WCPSS information about School Meals including menus to begin to consider what you will want your child to do for lunch in kindergarten. Students do not have to only have School Meals or only bring a lunch box but thinking ahead of time about what is best for your child is important. 

    Lunch Box and Cafeteria Notes:

    • Students should be independent in using utensils and managing foods they have for lunch each day. 
    • Students should be able to open most packaging independently- summer is a great time to practice opening lunch containers (tupperware, ziploc bags, reusable bags, etc.), chip bags, yogurts, etc. 
    • Refrigeration or heating is not available for student lunches from home


    WCPSS School Meal Menus* Note that as with many other things, supply issues can impact the published menus and there may be items that are not available on the scheduled day. 

    WCPSS School Meal Pricing and Accounts

    Apply for Meal Assistance- Free and Reduced Price Meal Application- can take 10 days to 2 weeks to process. Apply early! 

    Visitors at Lunch: Anytime after September 19th, families are invited to join your student for lunch in the cafeteria for special occasions (no treats or food to share with the class is allowed) or just for fun. It is important that you consider if your child is ready to see their family and lunch and that they understand the family members will be leaving and the student will be returning to the classroom. If your child struggles with separation anxiety, it may be best to wait a while longer before coming to lunch. Other details about visiting can be found in the FWES Family/Student Handbook 2022-23. 


    Eating Snack at School: All classrooms will provide students with an opportunity to eat a healthy snack during the day. If families are interested in their student having a snack, it should be sent to school daily with the student. Snack will not be provided to students by the school. Please review the Healthy Active Students guidelines regarding healthy snacks to send to school. Only water is allowed in the classroom for drinking- please do not send juice. 


    Your child’s snack should be something they can manage independently while other activities are happening in the classroom. Instruction will not stop for snack time, but the teacher may read a story while students who have a snack eat it; students may be allowed to take their snack to a center while they work in a small group on a learning activity or other “working snack” models. Snacks should not require adult support and should not take more than 5 minutes to consume. One healthy item is typically plenty to fill the tummy for learning. Snacks are not required, it is a family decision to provide them. 


    Let’s Get Ready!

    Section #3 Health and Physical Development


    At home activities for this week: 



    Countdown to Kindergarten Week- 5 weeks to go!

    Registered Kindergarten Families will get weekly communication to help support your student and your family's transition to kindergarten for the 2022-23 school year.

    If you are a new family or missed a message, visit the Kindergarten Parent page on our website to see previous messages and activities sent. 


    Let’s Get Ready! - Office of Early Learning publication to support families

    The guide has several sections to guide families, along with some sample activities for each section to do at home to help prepare your kindergartner’s skills for kindergarten.

    Section #2- Emotional and Social Development


    Carpool Process at Elementary Schools Video 

    Carpool Process- espanol

    (FWES will produce our own school specific video for the start of the year:) 


    Week #2 At Home Activities: 



    Countdown to Kindergarten- 6 weeks to go! 

    Hi Kindergarten Families! 

    We are busy getting things ready for the start of the 2022-23 school year and are excited to have your student and family joining us at FWES. 

    The Parent Communication section of our website has a special section just for parents of kindergartners to support the transition to school. Additional resources will be added weekly and sent out via the school messenger system email and text. 

    See you soon! 


    Week #1 At Home Materials

    Register for Kick off to Kindergarten at Marbles! 

    Kick Off to Kindergarten

    Kick Off to Kindergarten- espanol

    Transition to Kindergarten Video

    Let’s Get Ready! - Office of Early Learning publication to support families

    The guide has several sections to guide families, along with some sample activities for each section to do at home to help prepare your kindergartner’s skills for kindergarten.

    Let's Get Ready Section #1- Approaches to Play and Learning

    At home activities for this week: 

    July, 2022 Kindergarten Mailer Information: 


    Here are a few things to help your family prepare for school: