• School Messengers are text and email alerts sent to families to keep them informed about school events and activities. Information about the system and how to ensure your family stays informed is available at the link below. Phone messages to families will be reserved for urgent situations. 


    To Face to Face Families Only: 

    We are excited to begin to welcome students back to our campus next week. There will be rotation of K-3 cohorts for the first 3 weeks; then the rotation of 4th and 5th graders will begin. 

    Make a note of the Cohort listed in the email you received and use this calendar as a guide for when your student should attend school at FWES and when they will remain at home for Virtual Learning. 

    FWES Student Attendance Calendar by Cohort- Quarter 2, 2020



    Mrs. Pierce's Mid Week Message (11 minutes)

    Mid Week Updates for FWES Families

    Schedule Reminders This Week:

    Tomorrow, Thursday, October 22nd is an Asynchronous Day at FWES. Students will have assignments posted in Google Classroom for completion during the day, but they will not have their regularly scheduled live meets. Tomorrow is the last day of Q1, so there may also be assignments in your Google Classroom that teachers need for completing Q1 grading, so thank you for making sure to review your Google Classroom. Teachers will be taking attendance based on the assignments completed and submitted tomorrow. 

    Friday, October 23rd is a Teacher Workday- there is no school at all for students:) Enjoy the long weekend! 

    Schedule Reminders for NEXT WEEK- beginning Monday, October 26th

    Due to the return of F2F students, there are a few adjustments to Virtual Academy and Face to Face daily schedules that have been made and will begin on Monday. Please look carefully at information your teacher may share with you about changes needed. These changes will help all teachers on a grade level align as closely as possible. 

    Students in Virtual Academy may also notice the addition of some additional students from their grade level during the live lesson components as track out students in 2nd-5th grades will access lessons with VA students and VA teachers on the grade level, but follow up with their homeroom teacher on their work and any small group lessons and support needed. Again, please read information from your child's teacher carefully this week. 


    Additional School Updates:

    There will be no library book pick up on Thursday or Friday of this week. Stay tuned for updated information on pick up procedures once our F2F students return to campus.

    Please wish Ruth Riddick well as her last day at FWES will be on Thursday, October 22nd. She has been working toward the goal of becoming a teacher and will be taking a teaching position near her home in Harnett County. We appreciate all of her work at FWES and send her our best wishes in her transition to her new role. What a life long learner! 


    Mid Week Updates for Face to Face Families

    Medication Drop Off for Face to Face Students: 

    Families of Face to Face students who need to maintain medication at FWES may drop off medication with the required documents between 9:00am-3:00pm on Thursday and Friday this week. Note- One person will be allowed to enter to submit medication after passing a health screening; mask required at all times on FWES campus. Thank you! 

    Reminder that all medication requires the signed doctor's order (Rx medications and any required over the counter medications). 

    WCPSS Medication Information and required 1702 Form


    Health Safety Videos for Families and Students- Cohort 1 Focus! 

    To best prepare your student to return to campus, please take time to review the videos linked below WITH your student so that you all are prepared for the updated and new procedures in place at all Wake County Public Schools. 

    WCPSS Health Safety Videos for F2F Families and Students- get the popcorn ready and get ready to come back to school! 


    Important Arrival and Dismissal Information

    School staff will be reaching out today to families who have not yet completed the Dismissal Transportation form, as it is critical we know how your student is to be dismissed at the end of the school day. Thank you for your assistance so we are prepared! h

    In preparing for Dismissal- we have added videos to each guide for families AND students to watch to understand the procedures when they arrive and dismiss from our school campus. Please review each document as it applies to your student or family. A reminder that no adults may enter the school building, so students need to be prepared to walk alone into the school. We will have special procedures for kindergarten students and all adults will be wearing red FWES shirts for easy recognition by students should additional assistance be needed to locate a classroom. 

    **Note- all procedure links now include links to videos to show examples of how the process will work for the 2020-21 school year. Please watch with your student to help them prepare for any new or changed procedures. 

    FWES Bus Procedures

    FWES Carpool Procedures

    FWES Walker Procedures


    Cafeteria Information

    Free and Reduced Lunch Applications- Families who received free/reduced lunch last year or who believe they are eligible this year are asked to complete this form. If the form is on file for F2F or Virtual Acacemy students if the student returns to school, it is not needed. 

    Families who have dietary preferences (such as vegetarian, no pork, etc.) or documented medical needs for students should reach out directly to Wendy Howell (temporary cafe manager) at CNS414@wcpss.net to let her know. 

    Breakfast and Lunch will follow the WCPSS Menu with occassional changes based on food availability. Note that meals will be served as written, there will not be a variety of choices in entrees, fruits/vegetables or milk due to the needs to individually package meals. 


    Student Health Safety Protocols and Parent Signature Form  wrong link was posted 10-21-2020-oops!

    Please take time to review the extensive document linked above related to the required health safety protocols for all students returning to any WCPSS school. The last page requires a parent signature and should be submitted to the school. Note- Teachers will be sending a copy of the signature page home with all students on their 1st day of school for families to sign and return. If you print at home, please send to school with your student on their first day of school. 


    Updated School Supply Lists

    Please review the updated supply list for students returning to FWES. Please note that if at all possible, students should have a pencil box/pouch at home AND at school with the same supplies- so that they don't have to bring them back and forth daily. 

    *All grade levels have asked for student to bring a pool/beach towel to school with them, to use for eating lunch outside and for sitting on the floor should they choose to work. 

    The 2nd grade list has been updated, as it was not completely updated in the last sharing- oops! 


     YMCA Before and After School Programs Registration 2020-21  (note that afterschool for FWES is not yet listed but will be added:)

    The Taylor YMCA in Cary will be responsible for the Before and After School Care programs for the 2020-21 school year this year. They will provide both programs on the FWES School Site. The programs will follow all required WCPSS Safety Guidelines related to COVID- 19; but will be soley managed by the YMCA and their staff. FWES does not endorse or take responsibility for the program, its planning of activities for students or liability for students in the program. Thank you! 

    The Taylor YMCA in Cary has opened the registration process for Before School Care this week for families (After School Care should open in the next day or two) of Face to Face students who need care prior to 8:45am or after 3:45pm. The link below can be used to access the registration and it is also included on the FWES website. 





    The Taylor YMCA in Cary will be responsible for the Before and After School Care programs for the 2020-21 school year this year. They will provide both programs on the FWES School Site. The programs will follow all required WCPSS Safety Guidelines related to COVID- 19; but will be soley managed by the YMCA and their staff. FWES does not endorse or take responsibility for the program, its planning of activities for students or liability for students in the program. Thank you! 

    The Taylor YMCA in Cary has opened the registration process for Before School Care this week for families (After School Care should open in the next day or two) of Face to Face students who need care prior to 8:45am or after 3:45pm. The link below can be used to access the registration and it is also included on the FWES website. 

    YMCA Before and After School Programs Registration 2020-21  (note that afterschool for FWES is not yet listed but will be added:)



    As we begin to prepare for your child's return to the FWES campus, we need to prepare our processes to insure that once they arrive, they are able to also get home safely. 

    Please use the link below to let us know how EACH of your FWES students will be leaving school each afternoon when they attend school. Teachers will need to know to prepare dismissal plans prior to student arrival, so we ask that you complete the form no later than October 20th. 

    Please check the website for more information related to bus routes, before and after school programming and the procedures for all dismissal processes (buses, carpool and walkers). 

    FWES Daily Transportation Home- F2F Students



    Hello FWES Families! 

    Just a quick note to let you know that I will not be able to send the Friday Folder until Sunday this weekend. Thank you for your flexibility! 


    Winston Pierce, Principal



    Instructional Materials Pick Up- September 30th and October 1st

    Wednesday, September 30th

    10-11am Kindergarten and Pre K- No AM Meets

    1-2pm 1st Grade- No PM Meets

    2-3pm 3rd Grade- No PM Meets

    Thursday, October 1st

    10-11am 2nd Grade- No AM Meets

    1-2pm 5th Grade- No PM Meets

    2-3pm 4th Grade- No PM Meets

    *Families are encouraged to come at your assigned grade level time to see your teacher:) 

    *If your schedule does not allow- you are invited to come at any one of the time blocks listed and staff will assist you in getting your students' materials. Families may also pick up for more than one student (in a different grade level/s) when picking up. 

    If you are unable to come on either day- please call 919-460-3469 to set up a time with Mrs. Moore to pick up on Friday, October 2nd. We want to make sure all students have the materials they need for learning! 

    Please know your child's teacher's name to assist with locating materials. 


    WCPSS Board of Education Meeting- 6pm TONIGHT on WCPSS You Tube Channel

    Carpool Tag Registration for 2020-21- Plan B students only: Please register for a carpool tag by 7:30am Wednesday to insure that the tag can be included in your materials when picking up this week. Registrations after 7:30am on Wednesday may not be included in your materials. Thank you! 

    Custodian Appreciation Day- Friday, October 2nd- Our custodians are working so hard to keep our school safe and clean and will continue 10-fold when students return. Please take a minute to send a thank you to this team- through the link on the website homepage for recognizing staff or feel free to email Mark Beamish at mbeamish@wcpss.net and he will make sure the messages are received by our team of 4! 

    I know there will be new information tonight and I have a principal's meeting scheduled for tomorrow where I am sure additional information will be shared. I look forward to sharing what I can in our Friday folder with our families. 

    We appreciate all of your support, understanding and flexibility through the month of September.... just hold on to some more of it as we prepare for yet another transition in the near future:) 

    2nd Grade Family Night is Thursday, October 1st from 6-7pm


    Winston Pierce, Principal


    FWES Mid Week Updates and Important Information: 

    Mrs. Pierce's Video Summary of Information (12 minutes)

    WCPSS Board of Education Work Session- September 23rd at 2pm- WCPSS You Tube Channel for live streaming.

    Instructional Materials Pick Up- September 30 and October 1

    • September 30- 10-11am Kindergarten and Pre K; 1-2pm 1st Grade; 2-3pm 3rd Grade
    • October 1- 10-11am 2nd Grade; 1-2pm 5th Grade; 2-3pm 4th Grade and ECS

    Carpool Pick Up Tag Sign Up- For Plan B Students returning soon:) 

    In order to be prepared for our Plan B students when they return- we need to prepare for dismissal procedures. Because we may not have another pick up before students return- we would like to send carpool #s and tags home with students in next week's pick up of materials. 

    If you will be picking your child up in carpool at the end of the school day- please complete the form below to register for a carpool #. The tags and information will be placed in your child's bag for pick up next week if you complete the form by Monday, September 28th. 

    Updated FWES Carpool Procedures for 2020-21- draft with information as of 9-23-2020, subject to change

    FWES Carpool Registration for 2020-21

    Updated Walker Dismissal Procedures for 2020-21

    As we prepare for dismissal of our walkers, we will be instituting a new procedure for walkers, in order to maintain safety of all walkers. There are several new processes that will be in place and are explained in detail on the document linked above. Two of the most important are highlighted below: 

    • Adults of "walkers" MUST be on the porch at 3:45pm as we must maintain social distancing during the dismissal process and cannot release all of the walkers at one time- so all parents should be present to meet students when they are dismissed and as they come out to allow other students to then be dismissed. If a student exits the building and does not see their parent waiting, the child will be sent back to his/her classroom to wait. Parents arriving after 3:45pm for walkers will need to show ID through the front door buzzer system and wait on the child to return to the front from the classroom and then wait for a school staff member to have the parent sign out the student. It is very important that if you choose for your child to be a walker, that you arrive to school on time each day.


    • The other major change is that walkers will NOT be allowed to leave the front porch/sidewalk area of the school without parental permission to walk alone. K-1 students may not be given permission to walk alone, unless they are walking with an older sibling from FWES. The Walker Permission Form below can be completed if you want your child to be allowed to walk off of the FWES front porch/sidewalk area without an adult. Students with this permission will be given a tag upon their return to school to put on their book bag to indicate permission- so adults on duty will allow them to walk on their own. Please note that FWES staff do not supervise beyond the porch/sidewalk area and students should be able to make safe personal decisions to have this permission given. 


    Library Book Pick Up Updates for September: 

    • Book pick up is Friday, September 25th from 8-9am and 11:30-12:30pm for those who have received an email that their books are ready
    • Books reserved by Tuesday, September 29th at 12:00noon will be included in the bags when students pick up instructional materials on Sept. 30th and Oct. 1st
      • Families may also return books during that pick up process, too. 
    • Due to instructional materials pick up- there will be NO BOOK PICK UP ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd.

    New Library Book Pick Up Procedures October 5th-22nd

    • When books are ready for pick up, an email will be sent to the parent letting you know that the books are ready for pick up. Do not come to FWES until you have received the email notification that the books are ready. 
    • Books ready for pick up will be on the FRONT porch (change from bus loop) Monday-Thursday from 8am-4:00pm 
    • Families may come to FWES any time between 8am-4pm to pick up your bag of books- they will be labeled with student name. Books may also be returned at this time. 
    • Once we know more about the return to school schedules for Plan B students, we will make updates as needed and share those updates with families.

    PTA Virtual Coffee Chat- Friday, September 25th 8:30-9:00am- All families invited! Join PTA leadership and members to chat about anything FWES, anything parent, anything coffee, just anything to get to know others and connect as part of our FWES Community. The link will be shared on the PTA Facebook Page and PTA website calendar- we hope to see you! 



    FWES News Update for 9/18

    I apologize for any glitches your family may have experienced this week watching the FWES Morning News. Apparently there were some updates in Google and You Tube that have kept us from being visible for some devices and families. 

    We are going to try something new today and hope it works:) 

    I am going to use Google Meet Live Streaming for the FWES Morning News Broadcast. 

    To Watch- you must be logged in through the Wake ID Portal to view. You will NOT be able to view if you are outside the portal access. 

    • Log in to your Portal
    • Go to the School Website icon to open the FWES website (looks like books and says My Website)
    • Find the FWES Live News image and then click where it indicates to click to view the news

    I will hopefully be there at 9:05am for you to watch tomorrow's news. While I tested it out last night with Mrs. Plotkin, please be patient if I stumble as I learn a new system:) 

    Thank you again for your patience- and for continuing to watch and stay connected to our FWES Family each morning! I'll have the Friday Folder ready later today or maybe tomorrow due to a meeting I have to attend all afternoon:) 


    Winston Pierce, Principal


    Happy Wednesday to our FWES Families! 

    A few updates mid week this week: 

    • Instructional Assistant Appreciation Day- Today is Instructional Assistant Appreciation Day- thank you for reaching out to tell our Instructional Assistants how much they are appreciated and how IncredIBle they are in serving our school! 
    • Istation Log In/Download Support Session- Tonight at 6:30pm for help in making sure your child is ready with the program: https://meet.google.com/jxv-cbtz-akk 
    • Tomorrow is last day for Go Play Save PTA Fall Fundraiser! 
    • PTA Book Drive Collection- If you have books that you are finished reading, our PTA and ESL Teachers are working to collect books to share with students who can use more books at his home. 

    NO LIBRARY BOOK PICK UP FRIDAY!!! Due to weather forecasted for Friday, the pick up times will be cancelled all day Friday, September 18th. 

    Book Pick Up will be rescheduled for Monday, September 21st from 8-9am and 11:30am-12:30pm. 

    I'll be back with additional information on Friday! Thanks for all you do to support our school and your students' learning! #FWESincredIBlelearning #FWESstrong



    FWES PTA invites you to FWES PTA General Membership Meeting

    Tonight- September 10th at 6:30pm Join the meeting here: https://meet.google.com/hyd-euvw-oap

    PTA Membership Required for voting- Join here before the meeting: https://fwespta.new.memberhub.store/store?category=Memberships 

    Kindergarten Families are invited to FWES PTA Coffee Chat

    Friday, September 11th 8:30am. Join the meeting here: https://meet.google.com/hyd-euvw-oap

    FWES PTA Spirit Wear Sales end Monday, September 14th

    Purchase on line here: https://fwespta.new.memberhub.store/store?category=Spirit%20Wear 

    FWES Fall Fund Raiser- Go Play Save- order through September 17th for student prize eligibility

    The FWES PTA supports our entire school community and our focus on the IBO mission. We are fortunate to have the organization as a partner and I encourage all families to become involved to support FWES. 

    FWES Spirit Day- Tomorrow (and every Friday) is FWES Spirit Day! Send photos of your IB Learners in their FWES Colors (Blue/Yellow) or FWES Spirit Wear to me at awpierce@wcpss.net. Would look forward to Tweeting them out! 


    I hope this message finds you having had the most spectaular outdoor weekend we have had in months! 

    As I prepare for this 2nd week of full day virtual learning, I realized there were a few information items I forgot in Friday's message: 

    • Mr. Pestana, our FWES music teacher, had his last day at FWES on Friday, September 4th. He is excited to return full time to graduate school and we wish him all the best! 
      • Our new music teacher has been recommended, but there is a process at WCPSS Human Resources required so it will be a few weeks before we have a replacement ready. In the meantime, our Technology and Counselor departments will be "in" your child's Music special until we can begin music again. Don't be surprised when you see them... your child still goes to "Music Google Classroom" when it is their class day for Music:) 
    • School Improvement Team Members: If you are interested in joining the Farmington Woods School Improvement Team, we would love to hear from you. The school improvement team (SIT) meets monthly to monitor school wide data and make decisions to positively impact the growth of all students. The team is comprised of members from all teaching teams in the building, our administrators and parents.  The parent representatives are voted on by the PTA general body at the first general body meeting. If you are interested in joining the SIT or have any questions, please email Elizabeth Plotkin (eplotkin@wcpss.net) by Wednesday, September 9th.  We look forward to hearing from you! 
    • PTA Go Play Save fund raiser end date has been extended to September 17th. Thank you for supporting the amazing partnership work of our PTA! 
    • PTA General Membership Virtual Meeting- Thursday at 6:30pm- log in here: https://meet.google.com/hyd-euvw-oap



    Time to get ready!!! We can't wait to see you for Instructional Materials Pick Up! Please make sure you put your child's name on a piece of paper (large letters, please) that you can show on arrival to help us get the bag of supplies ready to go with your child's teacher. If you want students from another grade- please also include those names on the paper so we can gather the additional materials from the cafeteria and have them ready for pick up. 

    The Campus Map for Pick Up outlines the traffic pattern to expect tomorrow- with a reminder that the PTA will have Art to Remember items from Spring, 2020 in the pull over area at the bottom of the sidewalk in the parking. 

    Please make a note of your grade level time- you can get your materials and meet your teacher! 

    Wednesday, August 26th

    10:15-11:15am 5th Grade

    1:00-2:00pm 4th Grade and ECS

    2:00-3:00pm 3rd Grade

    Thursday, August 27th

    10:15-11:15am Kindergarten and Pre K

    1:00-2:00pm 1st Grade

    2:00-3:00pm 2nd Grade (no PM Google Meet)


    If you cannot come at your assigned time, please feel free to come at another one of the pick up windows, just know your teacher will not be there to meet you. We will have a check in spot for you to tell your name and teacher so the materials can be ready for you at the front of the school locations. 

    If you cannot come tomorrow or Thursday- please call 919-460-3469 and set up a time with Mrs. Moore to come pick up your materials between 8:45am-3:45pm on Friday, August 28th. 


    A reminder that at this time, all WCPSS School Campus are closed for public use. Please do not use the playgrounds, basketball court or track. Thank you! 




    We've had a great start to the 2020-21 school year!

    While there are still so many things we are working through and appreciate your patience. But we want to help if there are things you are wondering about related to the start of the year.

    If you've got questions- join Mrs. Pierce and Mr. Beamish tonight at 6:30pm in a Google Meet.  

    Attencion! Estimados Padres de Familia:

    La sesion de preguntas para FWE va a ser diariamente del 20 de agosto, 2020 de 6:30pm. Pueden entrar en el calendario de la escuela en la pagina de la escuela FWES. Va a haber un interprete para ayudarlos. Si tiene cualquier pregunta, esta es su oportunidad de obtener una respuesta. Hasta pronto!


    Mrs. Pierce's Video Message (23 minutes)

    Wow- Here we are, tomorrow is the First Day of School 2020-21! 

    A few announcements today to get you ready and prepared for the start of the year. Please note that all information shared here can be easily referenced throughout the week on our school’s website- Parent/Parent Communication/School Messenger/Friday Folders; along with on the homepage and other sections of the website. For 2020-21, the FWES Website is your friend who knows everything! 

    Communication from FWES: We are working hard as things change from day to day to get the information out to our FWES families the best we can. Please read the information that is sent and share it with your friends, too! We have to work together this year! 

    • Email and Website are primary communication tools- please make sure you are getting the information and help a friend if they are not:) 
    • If you also want communication on your phone?📲 Take a second and text  YES to the shortcode 67587 so you can get text updates from FWES (updates include direct links to the information so you can get it on the go)

    FWES Back To School Newsletter includes quick links to all the back to school documents you might need and updates to FWES staffing and other information for families:) 

    Reminders for Monday:

    • We are easing in to regular school day scheduling… hang on! Routine will be important and providing clearly defined work times and break times for your student will help them get ready for when full day on and off line learning starts on August 31st. 
      • FWES News will be LIVE each morning- link will be on the FWES Website each morning- new link each day due to being live (until we have another option:)- so check out the FWES News Image on the Webpage and click on the link before 9:05am each day to get the updates and most importantly hear the birthdays! 
    • Orientation Info will be posted on the Website for those without Wake ID
      • Note- links to Google Meets will come in email only- check there for the information… DO NOT share google meets on social media with other parents to protect the safety of our students! 
      • If you have Wake ID- enter through your Google Classroom link:) 
    • Check out our staff introduction videos to help you get to know them more since we can’t see you in person! Posted on the webpage on Monday, August 17th! 
    • Dress code applies in Virtual Learning- please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for participation in a Google Meet each day at 9:15am. All grade levels will have morning meetings throughout the year to start the day. Attendance will be taken at this time and it will outline the day and activities for students and is just as important as arriving to school on time is for students when we are in the building:) 
    • NO PHOTOS of a GOOGLE MEET- please protect the privacy of all students- families may not take a picture of a student during a google meet or other activity where other students are visible. It is important to be respectful of all students and families with privacy protections. 

    For Families who need help as we move forward: 

    • Got Tech Questions??? Live Google Meet with Anna Goodrum and Emilia Radichi (Spanish) every morning August 17-25 from 8:30-9:30am to answer tech need questions for families. Use the link on the Google Calendar on our website to pop in to ask your question and get help. 
    • Got FWES Questions??? Live Google Meet with Winston Pierce and Rosario Gravino (Spanish) every morning August 17-25 from 9:30-10:30am to answer general school questions- note- we will not be able to help with tech questions:) Use the link on the Google Calendar on our website to pop in to ask your question and get help. 
      • Estimados Padres de Familia:
        La sesion de preguntas para FWE va a ser diariamente del 17-25 de agosto, 2020 de 9:30-10:30. Pueden entrar en el calendario de la escuela en la pagina de la escuela FWES. Va a haber un interprete para ayudarlos. Si tiene cualquier pregunta, esta es su oportunidad de obtener una respuesta. Hasta pronto!
    • Got Questions for the Counselor???? Live Google Meet with Jennifer Thakur and Mark Beamish every morning from August 17-25 from 10:30-11:30am to answer questions or set up times for individual support as it relates to your child’s transition back to school, setting up a learning station at home, friendships, etc. 

    Of course you can also call the school to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible, but we know the year will be different and want you to be able to get help as quickly as possible and hope these sessions will assist and support all of you while you support all our teachers are doing at school! 

    Mrs. Pierce will also two additional Got FWES Questions??? Evening sessions on Monday, August 17th at 6:30pm and Thursday, August 20th at 6:30pm to assist with any questions, too! 

    Links for all of these sessions are available on our website in the Google Calendar display on the left side of the screen. We look forward to supporting our families through the 2020-21 transition to virtual learning! 

    In addition, WCPSS is offering much family support through the WCPSS Family Academy Virtual Events. Please check out the many sessions to support family learning needs. 

    WCPSS Family Academy Virtual Events Fall 2020

    WCPSS Academia Familiar 2020- Spanish

    Time to get ready for your 1st Day of School! 

    • Pick out your outfit and choose a picture spot for your 1st day of School photo! 
    • Get your school supplies ready in a spot where you can do your best as an IB Learner
    • If you have a Wake ID- 1st-5th graders- get logged back in today following the directions on the website (top bar for quick access)- so you are ready to go at 9:15am.
    • Look for the FWES Virtual News Room on the website so you are ready at 9:05am to click and watch the morning news
    • Get ready to see your friends from last year and meet all the teachers at your new grade level this year! 
    • Plan for a lunch and physical activity break each day- Food Resources are included in the back to school newsletter for lunch pick up sites! 
    • Set a timer so you remember to get back on at the end of the day (around 3:00-3:15pm) for your Closing activity with your grade level! 
    • Have a great 1st day!!


    8-11-2020 (Kindergarten families only)

    Hi Kindergarten Families!

    Kindergarten students will not yet be able to set up a Wake ID Portal. Please do not try to set that up now. The information was noted to be for 1st-5th graders only.

    More information will be coming this week from Kindergarten Teachers to give you access to Orientation Next week. 

    For those interested- the log in will take students to a Google Classroom platform- and until our kindergarten teachers teach students what to do and how to access, it would not be helpful:) They have plans during our Orientation time to help kindergartners get set up with Wake ID and Google Classroom. 

    Thank you for being on top of things, but hang tight for now with Wake ID. 


    Mrs. Pierce's Video Message (14 minutes)

    Hey FWES Families! 

    Virtual Academy registration is closed and cohort information is due to schools this week. We will follow WCPSS directives on when and how families are to be notified of cohort assignments. 

    As a reminder- we will have class assignments made the end of Orientation Week 1 and teachers will begin reaching out to families on Thursday afternoon and Friday to share the information. Based on our preliminary data we are able to keep all students at FWES with an FWES teacher for 2020-21. To best provide for instructional flexibility, most students will be assigned to a primary teacher but also have a co-teacher assignment in the grade level, too. This arrangement allows for coverage during teacher absences and for teachers to work together to differentiate for students, much like is common when we are in the building and teachers may share small groups of students to best meet common learning needs. 

    Pep Rally- We can’t wait to see you Friday!!! 3:00pm our staff will be ready to greet you in our two parking lots- please enter- right turn only- from Hampton Valley road and then exit right turn only to go through the 2nd parking lot- exiting with a right turn only to help with the flow of traffic! 

    PTA Information- join the FWES PTA, volunteer to help support the school virtually and find how your shopping can also support our wonderful PTA!!!

    FYI: Special Education webinar for parents on Tuesday 

    We are inviting all parents of students who receive Special Education Services to watch a webinar regarding the upcoming school year on the WCPSS YouTube channel at 6 p.m. on Tuesday. Topics covered will include: the opening of school in an online environment, implementation of IEPs and special education services. The video will be closed captioned in English and Spanish. During the webinar, parents will be invited to share questions and feedback through an online form. Answers will be provided later in an FAQ.

    Free and Reduced Lunch Applications for 2020-21- Needs to be done annually- status from 2019-20 remains through August 31, 2020 but don’t delay to complete the application for 2020-21 school year! 

    What you can do now:

    • Pick out that 1st day of school outfit to be ready for Monday!!!
    • Find your FWES Spirit Wear to wear when you come to the Pep Rally, We’ll be wearing ours! 
    • Check School Supply lists and make sure your child has them so they can get started on Monday with activities for Orientation! 
    • FWES Parent Guide to Getting Started  Practice logging in and get help if you need it before Monday. Use this guide for step by step directions and a link to request assistance:) FWES Parent Guide to Getting Started- Spanish 
    • Orientation Schedules on your calendars- 
      • Use Wake ID to join the meeting
      • Meeting links will also be emailed to parents for access (cannot be posted for privacy of students) for those without Wake ID Portals, yet
      • Activities to complete during the day 10:00am-3:00pm with breaks for physical activity and lunch
      • Closing Meeting each day 3:00/3:15 to 3:45pm- All students, all grades
      • FWES News Live Streamed Daily 9:05am (must have Wake ID to log in to view- may have to wait until device pick up to view- working on how to make that happen for everyone with WCPSS Tech Services this week:)
      • Morning Meetings Daily 9:15-9:45/10:00am- all grade levels, all students
      • Beginning August 31… full school day schedule. Live times (2-3 hours a day) by grade level will vary be shared with families on August 17th to allow for planning daily schedules while all students are learning virtually. Schedules may be adjusted when students return to the building and those updates will be shared at that time. 
    • Think about how you’ve been an IB Learner and how you might share what you’ve been doing to show the Learner Profile while you’ve been away from FWES
    • Get excited to see your friends and our amazing FWES teachers! 

    I’ll be back on Thursday or Friday with any additional updates and a reminder this weekend about getting started on Monday! 

    Stay cool and have a great last week of Summer!


    8-6-2020  Technology Survey Responses Needed from FWES Families

    As I shared in the latest update, schools are required to have responses to the WCPSS Technology Survey from ALL families- even if you don't need technology for the 2020-21 school year to access virtual learning. 

    This morning FWES received a list of over 250 students from whom we do not have a response on the WCPSS Technology Survey. 

    We are going to begin calling all of these students' families today- to ask you each of the Tech Survey Questions:) And we will have to keep calling....

    If you miss our call or you KNOW you did not fill out a survey about your technology devices in your home- or you just want to be safe and fill it out again- we have added our own survey below to capture the four responses needed and we can then complete the task of filling in all the blanks on our FWES student list. 

    Tech Survey- only 4 questions!!!! Please complete if you did not already or cannot remember if you did:) 

    FWES Follow Up on WCPSS Tech Survey   Need responses from EVERY family, even if you do not need technology support. 

    We will check our survey results regularly throughout the day and if we get your responses we will try to avoid calling, but there may be some overlap in timing and appreciate your understanding. 

    Please call 919-460-3469 if you have any questions or need assistance, or just wait for the phone call from one of our school staff members today:) 

    Thank you so much for your prompt responses and for answering the phone! 


    Winston Pierce, Principal



    August 3, 2020 FWES Family Updates

    “Coming Soon” for lots of info…. But some info is HERE NOW!!  

    Mrs. Pierce's Video Message  (19 Minutes:)

    Getting There!!

    FWES Virtual Academy enrollment is 407 students or 58% of our FWES students. We are working very hard to look at “class” configurations and as I have said, we may have to have co-teachers to insure that all FWES students remain with FWES teachers. 

    ALL WCPSS Schools are still waiting on the information from transportation and student assignment where students are assigned to cohorts for the 3 week rotation based on bus needs and making sure siblings K-12 are also in the same cohort. Once that information is received, we will be able to assign any remaining FWES Plan B students to cohorts. 

    AFTER all students in Plan B are assigned to cohorts, we will begin to configure classrooms and teachers. Considering today’s date, the many other tasks required to get school ready for staff to return and the painstaking process to assign students one by one to cohorts and then one by one to classrooms- we are planning to spend the first week of Orientation with students working with the entire grade level team to get re-acclimated to our school community and to each other:) We plan to have classroom assignments (with the one, two or possibly three teachers) and teachers ready by Friday, August 21st. 

    Families will be contacted about classroom assignments:) We will spend Week 2 of orientation building classroom community and getting supplies ready for distribution. 

    Welcome Back Drive Thru Pep Rally!!!! August 14th 3-4pm- Come See US!!!!!

    Device Pick up August 17th week- not at FWES but handled at designated WCPSS High Schools. Watch email for details from WCPSS

    Orientation activities week 1 will be with whole team- teacher assignments will be made by Friday, the 21st- teachers will reach out- we may have co-teachers in order to keep students with FWES students and teachers- but it looks like we can be created and keep you here! We will spend week one building school community and doing school wide types of orientation.

    Orientation activities week 2 will be focused on classroom orientation and building classroom community with students and teachers. Expectations and curriculum content will be shared, along with the chance for students to get materials they need for learning. Mark your calendar for Instructional Materials Pick Up Dates below!!!

    Instructional Materials Pick up- August 26-27

    August 26  10:15-11:15 5th Grade; 1:00-2:00 4th Grade and ECS; 2:00-3;00 3rd Grade

    August 27  10:15-11:15 Kinder and Pre-K; 1:00-2:00 1st Grade; 2:00-3:00 2nd Grade


    FWES Parent Opening the School Year Updates:) Document is updated as of today, but will continue to be updated as additional information is available. Please continue to check back in School Messenger and on the website for updates. Hoping it will help get you started in planning for the return to school! 

    Thanks to FWES PTA who is working to support the IncredIBle staff as they return to FWES and to find ways to support our entire community virtually! Please check out their website and join the FWES PTA to show your support for our school community! They will send more info soon, too….. 

    A few new staff at FWES for 2020-21- watch Twitter for updates:) 

    More updates as more information is available! It is going to be an IncredIBle Year at FWES! 

    See you soon! 



    A few FWES Updates- Deadlines Approaching:) 

    WCPSS Technology Survey and NeedsPlease make sure EVERY family completes the survey- even if you have a device for learning. The district is trying to account for every student to make sure they can access learning this year so even if you have a home device or a device you borrowed in the spring, please fill out the survey. 

    Considerations for requesting a device:

    • All students in a home need their own device for learning- not shared with a parent or a sibling
    • iOS devices such as tablets or phones are not appropriate for on line instruction

    Survey deadline is tomorrow, July 29th- please complete for K-5 students at Farmington Woods! 

    Recordatorio: Favor de completar la encuesta sobre las necesidades de tecnología antes del 29 de julio.
    Estamos solicitando a todas las familias con un estudiante en los grados del Kínder al 12vo grado que completen esta encuesta para cada estudiante, independientemente de su escuela, ya sea que haya aplicado a la Academia Virtual, para indicar si tiene un dispositivo o si necesita un dispositivo. (La Oficina de Aprendizaje Temprano abordará por separado la tecnología de los estudiantes de Pre-Kínder.) Esta breve encuesta nos ayudará a comprender mejor las necesidades de nuestros estudiantes y asegurarnos de que podamos satisfacer dichas necesidades.


    Virtual Academy Registration- Window closes at 5pm on Wednesday, July 29th

    • Last opportunity to register for Virtual Academy for 2020-21 school year
    • Families who have already registered and need to make a change in their registration must contact Mark Beamish, Virtual Academy contact at FWES at mbeamish@wcpss.net before 5pm on Wednesday, July 29th.
      • Requests for changes received after 5pm on July 29th will be handled individually in the order they are received and based on the availability of the change requested- particularly those requesting to return to the Plan B- as class size limits must be managed according to the state requirement. 

    Todos los estudiantes tendrán una segunda oportunidad para inscribirse en la Academia Virtual de WCPSS del 27 al 29 de julio. El período para inscribirse cerrará el 29 de julio a las 5 pm. Las familias que solicitaron la Academia Virtual de WCPSS y desean retirar o cambiar su solicitud deben ponerse en contacto directamente con sus escuelas durante este período.


    FWES PTA is sponsoring a parent Q&A event tonight with Mrs. Pierce- 7-8pm. Questions have been submitted in advance but tune in to hear answers:) 

                             Meeting Link: https://meet.google.com/gff-wexu-ggg (limited to 250 participants, please share a screen in your home)


    YMCA Childcare Support for Families: The YMCA of the Triangle is currently developing programming to support school day care needs- Scholastic Support Centers- for families given the return to school under Plan B Transition. Log in here to get registration information and details. *Note, FWES does not endorse the YMCA but is sharing to only provide information to families.  Learn more here: https://www.ymcatriangle.org/programs/school-programs/scholastic-support-centers