• Commencement Guidelines

    All graduating seniors should report to their assigned locations at 9:00am on June 12th. Be sure you are dressed appropriately (see dress code section below) with your cap and gown. Handicapped guests can be seated with one (1) escort only to allow room for other guests. Immediately following Commencement, seniors will have an opportunity to sign the bell tower and will then join their families on the front lawn for a graduation reception sponsored by the PTSA.

    For those not able to attend in person, a live stream of commencement will be available at this link a few minutes before the start of the ceremonies.

    Graduation Etiquette, Guidelines, and Dress Code

    The faculty and staff of Broughton High School want to make your graduation a most memorable experience. We ask for your full cooperation with the dress code for our graduation ceremony. If you have any questions as to the appropriate dress for these occasions, please check with Mr. Sauls, our Dean of Students, in Student Services. Any student, due to extenuating circumstances or extreme hardship, who cannot acquire an item necessary to meet the dress code requirement should discuss this issue with Mr. Sauls. We encourage students, family, and friends to conduct themselves in a way that brings honor and prestige to each student and our school and continues our tradition of excellence.

    Etiquette and Guidelines:

    • Caps and gowns should always be worn in a dignified manner. Be sure that the gowns are always neatly pressed. Use a cool iron when you press the gown or have it dry cleaned.
    • Caps are always worn straight on the head—not tilted sideways or back. There should be nothing other than the tassel on top of the cap. The tassel is always worn over the right temple until the end of the graduation exercises when the senior class president gives the signal to turn the tassels to the left side.
    • Only official cords and medals that are distributed by Broughton should be worn with the gown.
    • Seniors will graduate in alphabetical order. Upon hearing your name called, you will walk across the stage and receive your diploma cover. Please note that diplomas will not be in the cover. You will receive your diploma after the ceremony in the Auxiliary Gym. The diploma cover will be received by the left hand and you shake the hand of the principal with your right hand.

    ****NOTICE: Seniors should have nothing on them except their clothes, cap, and gown. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES, NO PURSES, NO KEYS OR CHANGE THAT CAN MAKE NOISE, ETC. SENIORS WILL BE CHECKED PRIOR TO THE CEREMONY.

    ****NOTICE: Seniors should remain quiet at all times and should not get out of line at any time.

    Dress Code:

      • MEN: The men will be required to wear dress shoes (no boots, flip-flops, top-siders, or sports styled shoes), dark dress socks (no white socks), dress shirt with a collar and tie (bow ties are fine), and dress slacks (no jeans or shorts). 
      • WOMEN: The women will be required to wear dress shoes (no casual sandals or flip-flops). Suitable dress or slacks are also to be worn. Please bring several pins if you need to pin your cap on your hair.


    Other Information

    Doors to Holliday Gymnasium will open at 9:15 a.m. for the ceremony.

        • A professional photographer will be taking pictures at graduation. Because the senior class has contracted a photographer to take pictures of each senior receiving a diploma, no other picture-taking near the stage area is permitted.
        • All fees, fines, etc., must be paid by the deadlines. Seniors who fail to clear up all financial obligations to Broughton High School cannot participate in the graduation activities. A student will not receive graduation tickets unless all financial obligations have been met. These include fees and fines charged to you and not paid during the past four years.
        • Each graduating senior will receive 5 admission tickets for graduation. Tickets will be distributed following the Graduation rehearsal to those students who have met all requirements for graduation.  There are no additional tickets available. Tickets are required for all individuals age one (1) and above.  
        • The doors to the Holliday Gym will be locked promptly at 10:00am. Any guests arriving after 10:00am or any guests who does not have a ticket will need to attend the live-stream of the ceremony in the Diane Payne Auditorium.
        • Seniors will pick up diplomas in the Auxiliary Gymnasium immediately after the Commencement Ceremony.
        • Anyone dressed inappropriately will NOT participate in senior activities or graduation exercises.
        • Seniors who do not meet graduation requirements will be notified before Wednesday, June 5. Only those seniors who meet graduation requirements are eligible to participate in the graduation rehearsal and commencement ceremony.
        • Note of Caution – A recent element of Broughton High School tradition includes an event that is part of the graduation reception.  Graduating students may enter into the bell tower in order to sign their names on the belfry walls with markers.  This part of the building was never designed to provide access to the general public and as a result the stairs are steep, narrow, and without handrails.  There is no air conditioning within this space and there are cable conduits which run across the floor and across the steps of the stairwells.  Graduating students and any adult companions are welcome to participate in this tradition, but extreme caution should be used while moving about the area.  High heeled shoes are strongly discouraged and under no circumstances are windows to be opened or leaned upon within the belfry.
        • All Wake County Public School System School Board Policies must be followed at all times! Students who do not follow appropriate code of conduct during graduation will have their diploma pulled, and they will not receive it. Additionally, the principal may not allow students to participate in commencement if they do not abide by the Code of Student Conduct prior to graduation. 
        • Please make wise choices that are respectful of your health and safety as well as that of your classmates and others attending graduation.