• Carpool Information


    Morning & Afternoon Carpool Guidelines

    Thank you for your patience and support with our long carpool lines. Our priority is always student safety. Below are a few reminders to ensure that carpool runs smoothly.

    Morning Carpool

    For student safety, please utilize our carpool lanes. Do not utilize Clarendon Crescent to drop-off students. This creates dangerous situations for our students running across the road through traffic. 

    Loading and Unloading Area


    • The loop in front of the Main West Building is our designated carpool area. This is the only place to drop off students. Dropping off students in other lots or other areas of campus is prohibited.
    • In order to drop off, drivers should enter from Clarendon Crescent to come into the lot. Once in the lot, please pull as far down in the unloading area as possible. This will assist with efficiency and help keep the line moving. The goal is to unload as many cars as possible at one time. Stopping by the media center or earlier in the loop reduces the number of students who can exit their cars at a time and slows the flow of cars.
    • All cars must exit RIGHT when leaving the loop. 
    • Once you exit the carpool area, please refrain from making U-Turns on Clarendon Crescent. This is extremely dangerous and can cause accidents due to the heavy volume of traffic. It is also a violation of traffic law. 
    • The back of the school entrance on Bertie Drive is for student parking and Special Transportation Vehicles only. Special Needs Transportation Vehicles drop off in this area and this area must remain clear so these vehicles can deliver students safely. Dropping off students in this area is prohibited.

    Afternoon Carpool

     All cars must exit RIGHT when leaving the loop.  This will allow traffic to flow more quickly.  Making a left turn onto Clarendon Crescent is dangerous and slows the flow of traffic exiting the carpool lane exponentially. 


    Loading and Unloading Area


    • As with morning carpool, drivers need to pull as far forward within the loading area as possible. This will allow us to have more students loading at a time, lessening the time it takes for all of the cars to make their way through the loop. 
    • Please watch out for students crossing the inner lane of traffic to get to their cars in the outside lane. Drive slowly and with caution. 


    Morning Carpool Procedures 

    Arrival time: 6:45 a.m. - 7:25 a.m.

    1. Carpool users must enter carpool via Clarendon Crescent. See map below.
    2. Please pull all the way forward to the orange traffic cones. Do not stop the flow of traffic by dropping off at the front of the media center. 
    3. Parents please stay in your vehicle and allow students to be responsible for gathering their belongings and exiting independently. This will help expedite the movement of traffic. 
    4. Please exit carpool lanes and make a right-hand turn back onto Clarendon Crescent. 


    Afternoon Carpool Procedures  

    Dismissal time: 2:20 p.m

    1. When picking your child up in the carpool lane, follow the same procedures as the morning, please pull all the way forward to the orange traffic cones. 
    2. Please exit carpool lanes and make a right-hand turn back onto Clarendon Crescent.



    Map of carpool procedures