• Clubs and Organizations

    The Fall 2024 application window for new clubs is now open.  New club submissions will be open from September 16th until September 30th. Please review the current list of clubs and avoid submissions that would duplicate those efforts/intents.

    Ms. Harris is the Administrator overseeing clubs and organizations. Contact her at tharris@wcpss.net.

    Clubs at Athens Drive

    Get information about current clubs: 2023-2024 Club List

    Starting a New Club

    In order to begin a new club at Athens Drive, you must do the following:

    1. Read carefully the information under club/organization guidelines.
    2. Find a faculty member to serve as an advisor.
    3. Submit New Club/Organization Application

    *Applications will be reviewed by Ms. Harris.  You will be notified if your club is approved or denied.  New clubs are not permitted to meet prior to receiving notification of approval from Ms. Harris.  

    Club Guidelines 

    Per WCPSS Board Policy, it is important to note that student clubs and organizations are prohibited from fundraising.  For the purpose of student clubs/organizations, fundraisers are defined as any activity that involves members of our student body and/or the student club in which the purpose is to gather monetary funds for the said club and/or school.  Clubs requesting approval for a service project or activity must get approval from Ms. Harris and complete the necessary forms if approved.

    Faculty Advisor

    All clubs/organizations are required to have a faculty advisor.  Below are some of the basic responsibilities that faculty members assume as an advisor:

    • Be present during meetings and other club/organization-sanctioned events.
    • Monitor the process for selecting club officers.
    • Assist officers in maintaining order by supervising meetings and activities.
    • Ensure that appropriate fund-collection and accounting procedures are followed once approved.
    • Ensure that all school-wide expectations are met by club members and officers.
    • Approve and proof any material that is going to be displayed in the hallways or online.