WYWLA carpool families join an active educational and government campus with families and employees arriving each day in the same manner and time as WYWLA students. As a shared use campus and educational partnership, the WYWLA community of carpool families must adhere to the guidelines for safe carpool arrival and departure.

    WYWLA carpool families must enter from the back of the GMS campus through the Western Boulevard entrance. Travel the access road that follows the perimeter of the campus to arrive on the side of Lineberry Hall. At the intersection of the access road and the main road on to campus, families will turn left and go to the circle drive in front of Lineberry Hall to drop off/pick up students.  Continue around the circle and turn right back onto the access room to exit the campus. WYWLA families must adhere to the directions of State Capitol Police during arrival and dismissal times. These officers provide the necessary supervision to maintain safety for the entire GMS campus.

    Students may arrive on campus at 7:05am. WYWLA staff will be available to provide supervision at that time. Students arriving prior to that time will not have WYWLA staff supervision. All students must report to the GMS campus dining hall immediately upon arrival on campus.

    Carpool dismissal occurs at 2:15pm following bus dismissal. This will allow buses to exit GMS campus prior to carpool traffic flow. Carpool families should not enter or exit the campus through the main entrance or the lower entrance via Ashe Avenue under any circumstance during the carpool time. This entrance/exit must remain clear for buses, GMS families and employees working on the GMS campus. WYWLA staff will guide carpool traffic and assist with arrival and dismissal each day.

    Families must follow the direction our staff to ensure a smooth, safe, and orderly carpool process each day. WYWLA administration will address families who fail to adhere to the carpool procedures to clarify any issues or concerns. We appreciate each family’s efforts to adhere to carpool procedures. Patience is a key to a successful carpool experience—patience with children, other drivers, and WYWLA personnel. Following directions keeps each child and vehicle safe!